The Edinburgh Trip & The 20th Vlog

Finally the Edinburgh vlog is out. This had so many un-expected editing challenges. However, we finished it finally...

This is Ani's 20th vlog. All the previous vlog entries are given below.

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20 is an awesome number :D

Into An Another World of History & Castles

It isn't the summer that we have seen in India. Here, If the sun stays for at least 3-4 days, it's a good summer of the year. And to be frank, I don't dislike that.

Trip to Scotland was a quick planned trip. Ani wanted to visit Glasgow & Edinburgh on a weekend and we thought of getting that item checked. 

Typical English breakfast. Ani dont like this much, but I like

Ikey enjoys the train rides. The best part - the large glass windows.
Awesome view of Scotland all through the journey.

Edinburgh Waverley Station. This place was crowded when we reached.
But we felt that we were in a different world. Like in the Harry Potter world. 
The busy Edinburgh station. Right outside this place awaits the wonders of Edinburgh.

AirBnB is the first sought of stay now a days for us. It's easy, cheap, trustable and you can get a very good deal even at the last moment. Hotel prices go up like crazy if it's not planned much in advance. And majority of the time, trips aren't planned in advance :)

When we planned the trip to Glasgow, proximity to the city centre was the first priority. And we got a very good stay with God's grace. 

We loved the stay at this home.
Ikey played his favorite hide and seek behind this long curtains.

At the same time, he enjoyed peaceful times too...

It was an old tenement converted to a house by the host. She is an architecture student and I could really see her skill in the way she designed the house. It's simple, minimalistic and all white :)

Ani always laughs at me when I say that the our new house theme has to be white. She likes white, but the way I describe it, might be the reason which makes her laugh. Can't blame :)

This house was a perfect example of what I always dreamt of. When you get something that you love, you will enjoy it to the best. That's what we did for four days. While I was photographing the every nook and corner of the house for the future reference, Ani was relaxing and Ikey was busy exploring the place. 

Just began walking around the Edinburgh streets. You will never get bored.

Architectural elegance, preserved buildings, castles...

The Saturday wasn't that promising as we thought. It rained all day. It's Scotland and that's the way it is. Accepted the fact and set out to explore Glasgow. 

After spending majority of the time in St. Enoch mall and exploring the City Centre shopping street, we called it a day. Walked around 5-6 kilometres. A good exercise and fun together. 

Walking towards the Royal Mile & the Castle. It is a steep climb. Ani didnt enjoy that much :)

Finally at the Royal Mile. Ikey was asleep and we covered him to protect from the freezing wind.

Infront on the Edinburgh Castle. Wow!

This is where the Harry Potter story was born. J.K Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter story at this place.

In=Front of the Greyfriars Bobby statue.

Walking around the National Library to get back to the Royal Mile.

Queens Gallery and Holyroodhouse Palace

Holyroodhouse Palace from a distance. This is the queens official residence in Scotland.

This is back to the past for me. Last year I had a yummy hog roast from here. But this time, I was hindered by Ani. 

A secret park in the center of the city. I accidentally discovered this hidden gem.

That's Ani :) She got into the pull over when the wind became too freezing.

Colorful red doors exist a lot at Edinburgh. Instagram shot - is what it comes to mind whenever I see one of these.
There are some good artifacts here to enjoy. Our visit to this place was a very short one. Ikey didnt like this place m

These steps takes us to the Royal Mile. Ikey was in the stroller and I carried him #
with the stroller up this place :)
Didnt want to miss the view and experience.
What about one more trip to Edinburgh? YESSSSSSSSSS...

Shouldn't have left

Brexit - shouldn't have left the EU. Any ways, let's hope that everything is for something good and great.

Ani is eagerly waiting for the travel to Bangalore and welcoming the baby. She is so excited.
Ikey is growing up fast. According to the recent information from his mom, he now knows close to 50 words and has a very strong negotiation skills. Always handy in tough situations that he create.

I am in the train to Manchester while writing this post. It's very long time since I've written a post.

Just finished with the breakfast. It's a 2 hour journey to Manchester. A weekly part of my life right now.

It was an awesome weekend. Nothing like spending quality time with the dear ones (got an improvement area from Ani on not getting addicted to mobile phone, which I completely agree with).

Finished editing the 17th episode of Vlogs by Ani. There is no tough client like Ani in my experience. Multiple reviews, corrections and re-edits. Not an easy task anymore :)

Anyway, it's the time to get back to work. Wishing you all a wonderful day ahead.

Way to go Ani

15 vlogs and going strong. We love our weekend shootings and editing the vlogs. Super fun.
Watch the the vlogs by Ani by simply searching 'Ani Denny' on Youtube.

Is There A Plan?

Ani, "Do we have a plan?"

Me, "Oh yes, we have a plan. Considering the fact that we are using the public transport this time, we have time limitations on what to be covered and when. Let's go with the prime locations and its distance. As per this math, we have the mentioned places to cover. Are you ready to be a wanderlust???"

Ani, "Yes"

Sounds like a plan!


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