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15 April 2014

A Joyful Chirping

No matter who we are, a beautiful day is what we all need.  

It is a blessing, if your mind is enjoying things around on a wonderful morning. Because there is a heart which looks out for simple things to enjoy.

It rained in Texas on Saturday night. Sunday morning was cold and freezing. Wanted to sleep under the warm blanket, but then I cannot compromise on my Jesus. Had to wake up and go to Potters House for the service. 

I took this video once I reached Mansfield to pick up Jesner and Ancy. When I was about to get out from the car, this beautiful chirping caught my attention. There was nobody out on the street and people weren't awake.But this bird was singing the song. 

Might be that he's so happy for another beautiful morning...

14 April 2014

Six Flags over Texas

This is one place which is very close to where I stay and never visited. 

+Six Flags over Texas is one of the biggest amusement park in the world. I would have gone to this on the first day of my stay, but there is no fun without a company. I wish at least Ani would have been with me. 

Took this video on a weekend evening, when I was taking a stroll through the neighborhood. You can hear the excitement of the people on the roller-coaster. 

One BIG recommended place to visit in group...

31 March 2014

About Globe Life Park in Arlington

Spent some around the Ball Park. As usual, no cameras allowed. 

  • Home to the American League's Texas Rangers
  • It was known as The Ballpark in Arlington until May 7, 2004, when Ameriquest bought the naming rights to the ballpark and renamed it Ameriquest Field in Arlington
  • On March 19, 2007, the Texas Rangers severed their relationship with Ameriquest and announced that the stadium would be named Rangers Ballpark in Arlington
  • The stadium contains 5,704 club seats and 126 luxury suites.

The stadium entrance has some baseballs out there. Heavy ones :)

30 March 2014

How to enjoy a walk through the country side?

The place where I stay is populated with the top hotels in the world. Well built concrete structures. And I wanted a change. Something simple and peaceful which I can enjoy in my heart.

While I was waiting for the trolley, thought of just going into the alley and discover the life there. And what I found was what I was looking for. And enjoyed the walk.

What I noticed from day 1 in US is that, everyone smiles at you, greets you, like they know you for a long time. And I also started doing the same now :) It is great and a positive attitude.

29 March 2014

Arby's - A Shelter For Sometime

On a walk around the country side, I found this restaurant and went in for a quick bite. A nice juicy fish sandwich and a big size frappuccino. I couldn't even finish it though :)   

To be frank, it was terribly cold outside and wanted to be in a warm place for sometime. My hands were really numb by the time I got in Arby's. 

Thought how to handle the situation for sometime. I didn't buy the gloves as someone gave me the information that I will sweat in Texas. Come on, 8 degree Celsius in the afternoon, where is my sweat, duh.

I have to go out to reach the hotel. hmmm

39 Ways To Describe A Chinese Buffet Dinner

Here are the 39 pictures from the Grand Chinese Buffet. Don't ask me to name these. I have no idea!