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10 September 2015

Why You Should Visit The National Museum of Scotland?

I am not a museum goer. However, since my visit to the National Museum, I kind of started to love these places. And this museum bestowed me with wonderful piece of knowledge about the history of Scotland.

Almost all the historical significant structures has undergone multi million pound (~ 47 million in pounds) renovations in Scotland recently. So does the national museum. Due to the surge of visitors year by year, that was a wise decision to take anyway. 

Merges happens for museums too. The official national museum of Scotland was formed as a merge between the new museum of Scotland + Royal museum in 2006. The place is so rich in its collectibles itself. Ranging from historical, cultural, antiques, science, technology - this is a place where you can spend learning something. And kids will love this place for the interactive items that are around. I was enjoying each and every corner of this museum. 

I entered the museum through the basement and climbed up to the wonderful white color painted, glass paved hall. It was so beautiful with with the sunlight that was filtering through. The structure is very old to when it was constructed. There are several exhibits that you can enjoy at this location.

There are close 9000 exhibits in this museum and majority are authentic ones, not the replica's. Several exhibits which are opened to public after the renovation are not seen by several generations. And this makes the museum a special place to go.

Here is what the main areas that you can visit once you are in the museum
  • Grand Gallery
  • Art Gallery
  • Natural Habitat Gallery
  • Scottish History and Archaeology
  • Science and Technology
  • World Cultures
  • New Galleries 

If I have enjoyed this, then think about the kids. I could see more kids than adults in the gallery. With parents and grand parents, the kids were trying to learn new things from all around. With great happiness and excitement, they were racing through the museum alleys and enjoying their heart out. Sweet childhood days!