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11 January 2012


Having it now for breakfast :) Kottayam style.
For those who haven't heard about this dish: check this link

09 January 2012

Kottayam-Pala moments

Never been to kottayam before. Have seen this place a lot in movies and i love this achayans place.

We started off to Pala (this is a town in kottayam) by six in the morning. Daddy was planning to start by fiver or so to avoid the un controlled traffic. But Ani was late to wake up and we got late to start :)

It was a good drive in the morning and I couldn't believe the change the places like chalakudy and angamaly has gone through. Well tarred roads with service roads, properly built medians and well maintained infrastructure. I was telling daddy that for sure this is not done by any contractors in kerala. The quality of the work reminded me about Bangalore Mysore road, which is one of the best built ones in Bangalore. And my guess was right.

Loved the journey through the rubber estates. Calm and cool place. Its all a hilly area here and it took me back to the geography classes where i learnt about specific regions of a vegetation and rubber comes in kottayam.

chettan was there to welcome there along with his family and issac. Played with him for a while and then chettan took me and issac for a ride through the rubber estate. A real roller-coaster ride. Isaac loved it. I had a hard time managing him in the vehicle.

Me and chettan: in common we both love food. Variety of non-veg dishes. In Bangalore weekend means chicken or mutton. Beef is hard to get there and we compensate when we reach kerala. I am having hyper cholesterol still i had a lot of beef than rice today. What all ate today i do not remember. There was a huge variety of dishes and i was trying out one by one. Thanks chetto :)

Vacation day part 1

Never had this busy schedule during a vacation. Attended two marriages and one feast.

Ani really wanted to attend her friends marriage this time. I was getting the reminder for the past few weeks.

Reached Bangalore by around 8 in the morning. As usual, daddy was waiting for us at the bus station. I took the control of the car. I love the riding through the roads that lies between the paddy fields, lush green vegetation. It is like back home feeling. Ani loves kerala. The place where she was born and lived for these many years. The old stories she narrates about the place and people, I enjoy it like listening to the parables.

back home first to Anis place to meet ammama and mummy. Mummy will be ready with appam and milk, which is a culinary dish of kerala. Have anyone tried it once. If not let me know. I will arrange some. You should try once at least.

This time there was a special gift for our parents. Home made cakes. We made two this time and both turned out to be the best. Everyone loved the cake..well done Ani.

When we reached at kandassankadavu (this is a tough name). There was one special dish awaiting me. My moms special packed food. The items are these: kerala special rice along with Bengal gram, fried chicken, pickle and mussels fry wrapped in half heated banana leaf. The taste i cannot explain. Thats one authentic kerala cuisine. When ever i am home, my day starts with this dish and am super happy :)

Then we quickly started off to thrissur (that's the town area) to the famous Casino hotels. Attended the marriage and back home. One the way attended one marriage reception. Th e groom is a friend of mine and Ani. We started off from there in minutes. There was some more programs due in our calendar. In vacation too, its all about meeting the timelines :)

Next we went to thrissur to my moms sister's house. It was the feast there yesterday and it was fun. With my dear cousins; Arun and Arunima and my favorite troops: Michelle, Shawn and Fiona. It was good with kids trying out different varieties of crackers and elders indulging to their on world.

And the beautiful illuminated streets which spread the waves of happiness around, I could enjoy it this time. Thanks a lot to my lord for the wonderful days he gave us.