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12 August 2014

Pistol, Rifle & Shot Guns: Never Seen Those Before

Guns - I have only seen those in the movies. And now I could try out the pistols, shot guns, rifles...Wow that was an experience of the life time.

The skeet clays ready for the game.

Setting up the skeet shooter machine

Age doesn't defy the skills. He is still sharp

Like my dream house...

A walk around the backyard revealed some interesting sights

Setting up the targets...

That's a 2kg gun :)

Never seen the real bullets before. 

Training session on safety and holding

Why is the gun not working. Switch off the safety.

Scared to pull the trigger for sure

All the shots gathered at one place. Brian said it was a good attempt. Proud of my self :)

Guns everywhere like toys. But they were so serious in handling. 

Loading the shells

He is sharp still

Guns and Grass

The shotgun shell 

Pressed Penny Souvenir

While getting out from the Cabela's on the last day of the Arkansas visit, Brian suggested for this sovenier. Pressed Penny from a pressing machine. Placed one penny into the machine and got a deer image impressed penny out. An oval shaped, shining memento.

Berry Plucking Fun

This reminded me about my grand mother, who loved to cultivate all the necessary vegetables for the daily use, in the backyard. Occasionally, I joined her with my brothers for the plucking help and we enjoyed it. 

Since she left us, all those things are gone. And I really miss that now.

So the blue berry plucking that we did on a Saturday, I enjoyed it with all my heart. That was a pretty good harvest though. And those tasted the best. Brought back some to Texas and mixed with Blue Bell Signature Vanilla ice cream and ate it all in a day. That was really yummy!

Carla wanted me to prepare Indian Style Chicken Curry. And when I asked for loads of garlic and ginger, she went to the backyard and took those out from the soil. That was a quick shopping :)

31 July 2014

Evening Grill

Grilling is fun and I never enjoyed this back in India, which I would start for sure. At the end of the day, especially being with the dear and near ones, it is always a party time. And everyone loved the idea of grilling. And we did.

Big chunk of meat loafs, ready to get cooked. As Ani said, the first thing I am going to do back in India - Cholesterol and sugar check :)

The cute Moley, getting some rest after tiring game with the kids

I was wondering at the raw meat turning to juicy steak with Texas Ranch seasoning.

Prawns to decorate the steak

That smells smokey BBQ prawns

Baked potatoes

And some fruits

Baked cauliflower

The final, juicy, well done steak...Yum Yum!

30 July 2014

Polymer Clay Creations

Ani loves crafting and creative hobby. And being with her for three years, I too gained some interest in that area. We did some pot decorations with plaster of paris and must say that it was fantastic. But when I saw Carla's polymer clay creations, I told Ani that we have to take the hobby to a next level.

It was fun to see the creations which Carla made. The coasters, little cute monsters, pig heads, spoons, cutleries etc...All usable ones for daily home use. Thats fun + productive.

A Helping Mind

Being close to the nature is fun. I believe, this is something I miss in my Bangalore apartment life. Lost the contact with the nature since I graduated from college.  

And when I saw this cute little home for the birds, I enjoyed it walking around the place for sometime. I took a risk of looking inside those hanging house to see whether they had some residents inside. That was cute and a sign of compassion to the nature.