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03 October 2015

Climbing Up The Arthur's Seat

Last time when I visited Edinburgh, couldn’t go to the Arthur’s Seat. While walking through the Royal Mile, noticed this dormant volcanic hill running along the right side of the castle. 

When Ani called in the morning I said, "I am hiking a hill today". "You do whatever you want, but please be careful" was her response.

That's where I want to go :)
This time I went to Edinburgh specifically to climb up this place. Had my bag packed with enough water and snacks. Hiking is something that I am not used to. And being a person with very less stamina capacity, I knew that the task isn’t an easy one. However, the view of Edinburgh from the highest point kept on calling for the hike.

Past the Royal Mile, Holyrood Palace, Holyrood Park, Queens Museum and the Parliament, the way took me towards the hill base. There was a huge crowd climbing up from all ages. Family, youngsters, middle aged and even old people with walking sticks climbing up, which gave me an enormous amount of confidence.

It looks easy from here. But climbing up is a different story.
There was a family with two little daughters in front of me. I could really understand looking at them was that the father was highly interested for the hike while mom wasn’t that much but she was with them being a good partner. The kids were enjoying the moments with their parents all the way up.

I went past them and had a moment of realization of the path ahead, after couple of miles. Stood there and glanced at the remaining portion of the climb which then an old lady on a solo mission, who was also going through the very same dilemma asked me “Long climb huh?”. “I guess” replied with a smile and we continued our journey.

Someone with the pet. The pet was enjoying the climb and was running around in circles all the time
The signs which were all over the place – ‘Beware of falling rocks’ – wasn’t much encouraging. I can’t look up and walk. If it falls, it falls, but I didn’t want that to be on my head. 

I made sure to keep a distance from the edge of the trail. It was frightening as I climbed up. However the view of the town was getting beautiful. My eye was turning into a wide angle lens. It was so beautiful by the time I reached the top. 

View of the Edinburgh Castle from the hill.
The town, the palaces, tiny moving people, vehicles, green meadows and the sea, the ships – that was an amazing view that I enjoyed from the top.

View of the town was amazing from the height. 
Half way down, I took a small deviation and climbed up a rock to capture a time-lapse video. These videos will make us to sit at one place for hours. So I spent few hours gazing at the wonderful landscape that was right in front.

North Sea became visible from here.
The cold wind was quite refreshing. As it was unusual to see people sitting and staring at the views alongside the climb (that too in the sunlight), I was getting pretty much the same curious stares from the hikers.

The old picturesque town and treat for the eyes
The colour combinations of the buildings makes the city look beautiful from distance. It was like watching a painting. This is where the narrow line between me and an art lover co-exist.

Holyrood Palace and the premises
I photographed the Holyrood palace from the front gate. Going into the palace premises needed an admission ticket and that not being my priority, the plan was kept aside. But little I knew that there was a breathtaking view of the palace waiting for me. And the palace looked beautiful.

If you are ever in Edinburgh, please do not miss this hike. You might be missing a piece of solitude from your entire visit to this place.

Below is a tiny video that I shot during the hike and the train journey back home.