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29 March 2013

Memories in Motion

Pagoda Point

The last place in Yercaud we visited. More close view to the population down the hill. It was beautiful to watch the houses like match boxes.

Ani made a remark on the creation of GOD. The view from here made us humble. How tiny we life forms are...

Resting In Anna Park

Not a big park or place to visit. About 1/100th of Lal Bagh. But the specialty are the trees inside. Why because, by the time we reached this place, we were so tired after long walking and trekking. And so the park turned out to be the best place to take some rest.

Boating At Big Lake

We wanted to lose some calories from this ride. And so we opted for the cycle boat. Rode the boat in awkward directions in full strength. Did we over took the speed boat? :)

Ani is afraid of boating. But this time she had full of confidence as the life jackets seemed to be in the best condition.

Had a halt in the middle of the lake. A nice place to spend.

Walk In The Rose Garden

This place is something you have to visit, if you like flowers and gardening. The harvest just got over and so we couldn't see that spectacular view, but still the nursery served the purpose.

If it was in Bangalore, a single flower would have cost 50 rupees minimum. And we got it for 20. Ani bought 4 varieties from the group.

The specialty of the garden what I felt is that, it's full of trees. But maintained well. Cool shades and lush greenery around, refreshed my mind. 

Walk In The Woods

This is on the way to the Rose Garden. You will not go wrong in your path as the stones are laid all the way down to the garden. But we did not stay in the course. Took several diversions to click pics.

And it was well maintained place that it made us to spend considerable amount of time inside.

Rose Garden View Point

Three different platforms for spectacular sight seeing. This is a very well maintained space. There are some works still going on. The authority is in a busy schedule to welcome and accommodate the season.

Gents Seat View Point

We found this really interesting. The view points seemed to be a family. The three view points which were close by were named like this:
  • Gents Seat
  • Ladies Seat
  • Childrens Seat
Will not disappoint any of the group :)

Way to Gents Seat & Rose Garden

Moments At Sterling Rock Perch Hotel

The resort gave us the best of the best exercise. Climbing down and up the resort made our legs cry :)

The view was stunning. And so the structure was. The resort is constructed on the slope of the mountain range. As Ani told: That might have been a heaven of a project.

Stunning Views From A Height of 1500 meters Above Sea Level

What a view...The real signature of GOD's touch on nature

Embracing The Nature

In photography, the one feature I really like is the macro shot. A close look into the beauty of everything around. This time too, the flowers and the trees, the beauty of nature, got into my canvas.

Ani too started loving the macros, the below has some pics contributed by her.

Freeing The Mind

Reading newspaper early in the morning - did not happen for a long time in my life. But after the sunrise walk, when I reached back at the hotel, there was a good collection of newspapers. Thought of reading it for some time.

The room boy came with a hot steamy coffee. Enjoyed each sip and the serenity around.

Walking Around

Wanted to walk around for some time, enjoying the greenery and that special violet color flower, which was almost everywhere in Yercaud.

On the way back I noticed that the car windshield was blurred with the fog. And did the same, what everyone else does in that situation - scribbled some texts on it for fun :)

The place was so calm that, I couldn't find any other tourists around. Felt like the whole place was only for us. And that’s was the best part of the trip.

Sun Rise at Yercaud

We reached the resort by 12:45 am. Got the room in five minutes and immediately settled to embrace the bed. We were totally tired by the hair pin bend drive. 

A totally different place and atmosphere. A real feeling of vacation, away from the same usual daily life. The feeling was wonderful. 

While I travel, I prepare my mind to experience the best of that place.  Mind creates that mood. Even the minuscule things around will feel special then. And the feeling is priceless.

The place around was quiet, chilled and peaceful. Kept the alarm at 5:30 am and slept like a baby in that tranquility. 

Got up  by 6:00 am. There was an urge from inside, to get out of the bed, which usually never happens on a typical day, but always happen on a vacation. Rushed out of the hotel to walk around, to feel the Yercaud morning. Unlike the vehicle horns, the sweet talks of birds around welcomed me. It was so soothing to be around then. Fresh air kept hitting my lungs, which chilled me from the inside. I decided to walk for a few distance, towards the mountain edge, to see the spectacular view of the city. The city was still sleeping then and the white colored fog covered it like a quilt. 

Wondered and enjoyed the beauty of the nature for some time and walked back to the hotel, which presented me with the wonderful sight of sun rise. Every time I watch the sun rise, I feel like the duck egg yolk rising up. The orange color is so intense, that I tried to capture it in my frames. Enjoyed the view for some time and walked back to the hotel for a coffee.

How can I describe that feeling which I went through? I don’t know…

I can see you through the woods...

27 March 2013

Yercaud Hair Pin Bends

We planned for Ooty trip and cancelled it because Ani was afraid of Hair Pin Bends. But she missed out the fact that Yercaud too has a similar journey trail. On the way to Yercaud, when her daddy told her about the bends, she lost all the confidence. Was afraid about the journey. However we made it with the grace of GOD and now she is not at all worried about the bends. Now Ooty seems to be an approved destination from her :)

From Salem to Yercaud, around 25 km stretch is an uphill climb. And the time was around 11:00 pm and by the time we reached the hotel, it was 12:45 am. We switched on the GPS on the way, which was the only help for us in the whole journey. Not even a single life form around at that time expect a couple of vehicles came by.

The moment Ani saw the route projected by Google Maps; it was far more interesting :) See the map below.

On the way back from Yercaud, we drove down the hill by 2:00 in the afternoon. I felt like riding during the night time is safer than compared to the day time. At least we can expect the vehicles with their lights then.

Leaving all the above facts aside, the view from the top - STUNNING. The well illuminated Salem city, it was a breathtaking view...Resorts all the way, and tempting flora/funa...It made us to enjoy & wonder at the magnificent work of the GOD with the nature...