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27 September 2014

Red Rock Mountain Park

I noticed this park while on the Dinosaur Ridge bus tour. The park was so visible as it looked so reddish. The rock formations were strange and unique, the red colored mountains and the terrain looked so beautiful. I decided that to be the next location to visit.

Red Rocks Park is a mountain park in Jefferson County, Colorado. The park is known for its very large red sandstone outcrops. Many of these rock formations within the park have names, from the mushroom-shaped Seat of Pluto to the inclined Cave of the Seven Ladders.

When I reached the park, which is very close to the dinosaur ridge, there wasn't much people around. The place was so calm and beautiful. I could listen to the joyful voice from the mountains, from those who were trekking along the beautiful park trails.

Parked the car and I just couldn't take my eyes from the beauty of the mountains around. It felt like the place might get a shower, but it only enhanced the beauty of that place. So soothing to the heart and I got refreshed with the cold breeze around that place.

From the parking lot, we have to walk few miles to reach the center of red rock mountain. Saw a couple who were so excited to cycle up the mountain. When they saw me clicking pics around, they wishes and waved at me. Spoke to them for sometime and got some interesting information about the park. I decided to walk up the mountain then.

The rocks at this place are formed about 290 million years ago. I was right in the center of a historical gem at that moment.

This small passage through the mountain took me to another exciting part of the Red Rock Mountain park. The world renowned amphi-theatre. I never realized its significance until I spoke to the theater director, who gave interesting facts about that place.

This world is so special, filled with views that will never quench our thirst to travel. I was enjoying each and every moment of the journey. Walking through the lands which I thought I will never see in my life...

Everything Is Big In Texas

And the storms too :) I faced couple of storm warnings while in Texas and to be frank, I was happy to meet the below ones younger brother.