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21 August 2015

Ikey Trying To Deliver An Eloquent Speech

When we discussed the idea to capture Ikey's timeline on web (, I thought it might be an overhead to my hobby time. I rejected Ani's idea in the beginning which then she successfully negotiated to reinstate her view on this matter. Well, it turned out to be a 'terrific idea', as my uncle responded to it :) 

This made a great difference in my life. Those events, the little big milestones in Ikey's life, which I would have missed (because of my general priorities), came to me like a homework. It is more or less like an instruction from Ani - "Anu today this event happened in Ikey's life. Please update the timeline", which then I will go in, upload the videos / pictures / texts, tags them to a date and click save to bring it on to the website. Along with it, my heart goes through those events with joy and thankfulness to God for blessing us with a wonder kid. If the timeline wasn't there, those events would have probably taken a stroll through my ears and gone somewhere. 

Ani called me in the evening and told that Ikey was trying to speak the other day. I didn't believe it. Until few days back, he was using his mouth for two main purposes - laughing and eating food. So I couldn't believe the event as of such. But when I received the below video, I laughed my heart out. He was try to convey something. Both sweet and fun to watch. :)