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14 April 2013

The Lush Green Silent and Crowded Beauty

In the afternoon, I was thinking about the place to explore today. When checked out with daddy and mummy they were ready for it. Shortlisted a couple of places. Cubbon Park was the first choice.

Have visited the Lal Bagh several times, but never been to Cubbon Park. The part which lies close to the Vidhan Soudha, the Karnataka High court and Seshadri Iyer Memorial Library. The place which sprawls a couple of kilometers in diameter and planted with variety of trees. Greenery in the midst of the crowded concrete city.

But when we reached that place, I felt like the whole Bengaluru people shifted to the park. It was so crowded that we had a tough time to make Isaac play peacefully in the park. There was a toy train we wanted to get in. When I saw the crowd, felt like, majestic railway station would be a better option than trying to get a ticket for the toy train.

Spent some time around. Enjoyed the shade of the tall trees and the happiness of the people around. It was so lively and there was happiness in the face of all the people around. People were into several games. Some were playing shuttle, some cricket, some throw balls. What to say, you can sit and watch multiple games all around you.

This is the best part Isaac enjoyed. He never seen these many doves in this world before and so he was on cloud 9 when he met the dove group.

Doves were peacefully enjoying the food thrown to them. From the ground and from the top of the trees, they too were watching the people around...

When someone makes a noise, they flew to all directions. There was a beauty in that escapade too...