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06 September 2015

The Famous Royal Military Tattoo Event

When my colleague first asked me whether I am interested to go for the Military Tattoo, I told him that I am not interesting in getting a Tattoo. After realizing that it was one of the several funny ignorant moments in life, I took it in a stride and studied about it. When the Edinburgh trip came along, I read little bit more about it to get more understanding.

The Military Tattoo is a yearly event that is performed by the royal military. And I wondered how come they call this moment with a word Tattoo and it was interesting to know how it was derived. For me, it was kind of a  royal level of piping championship. Band of the powerful ones.

Close to 3 laksh spectators in and around UK, fire works, the castle premises - the experience is certainly at a different level. 

And the best part is that the event location is the Castle entrance. Temporary stands on the either sides enables the visitors to enjoy the dazzling beauty of the parade with a view.

And the event really got a military strictness in its execution. Heard that not even once the schedule had a shift due to any reasons. The week before my visit, during the parade it rained and still the show went on and everyone sit and watched. That's the craziness the people have towards this event. Amazing.