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18 February 2014

Wedding Bells

4 days in Kerala, for my cousins wedding. Had a wonderful time with the dear ones.

19 May 2013

We've got help; now it's our turn

When I was looking out for an initiative to join in my new company, I came to know about ENGINES team. There were a lot of initiatives around, but this group was my choice. 

Why I chose ENGINES? 
The group had initiatives I always wanted to be a part of. Again the question WHY came into my mind. Until yesterday, that remained as an unanswered question. 

When I got the invitation for the Samridhi School Celebration, I opted for it. I was never been a part of that initiative, but wanted to join the team on a joyful moment.

The celebration was for a meaningful cause. In fact, when I relate it to my life, the celebration was the most meaningful event I have attended in the past few years. 

We all have got help at some point of time in our life. Have we done the same thing to anyone around. This celebration was a perfect example of giving back what few people got in their life and it made a huge difference for those who were in need for a support.

The Team Behind