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22 October 2015

The Tall Ship At Riverside

Went to this place, as the photos of the Tall Ship was so calling for a visit. Never been to a big ship like this one before. And it was an exploration time.

Took the City Sightseeing bus from my place to the museum and the ship was visible from a very far distance. It stood mighty compared to any other structures close by.

Came to know that it was pretty old, but wasn’t quite seeking the history then. The only intention was to visit each and every part of the ship, enjoy its beauty and photograph if possible.

The below cleaning utilities were functional. Kids were really serious about cleaning the ship with these. 

The ship's interior is refurbished to include a big hall for functions and a nice coffee shop. 

While exploring the ship's inner areas, I was thinking about the life of people in the ship while they were in the middle of the sea. It is always a frightening fact for me.

The engines were still visible from this deck and that area looked like a pirate ship. It was so dark and not much light in there, but can see the huge motor which once powered this merchant ship.

View was awesome from the front deck. There were couples trying out the Titanic posture. That was funny to watch.

Too much of strings and ropes all over the deck. Am sure that each got its own function. It should be pretty complicated to control the ship with the rope technology. 

Walking in and out of the ship is through the souvenir shop. That's a good idea. And they had this calligraphic greeting which was something of my interest. 

The view from the front side of the ship was towards a boating deck. People were getting into the boats for a short ride through the Clyde river.

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24 April 2014

Fairchild Type K20 Hand Held Aerial Camera

I stared at this camera for some time. Then I compared the size of camera in my hand with this and wondered how this was handled by people, that too in the middle of the World War 2. 

Then I found some interesting pictures on Google. Wow, these cameras were really handy :) 

These were the light weight hand held camera used for a variety of aerial photo uses until the end of WWII.
As far as modern cameras go they are definitely not a "Lightweight" unit. Uses a 5 inch wide roll film - and takes 5 inch x 4 inch negatives.

The lens assembly is set at infinity focus - so no focusing is possible - and they have a variety of speeds to select. Lens will be designed for B&W film - often using red or orange filters to cut the haze.

A valuable piece of history...

And there are some out there for sale.