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04 September 2014

Rocky Mountains - Part One

Rocky Mountains - The very first place to visit in Colorado. Ani helped to make a list of places to visit. And she had it emailed before I landed at the airport. I just had to sort the list as per the distance. That was easy!

Supposed to be a 2.5 hours journey, took almost 4 hours to reach due to a mountain tunnel construction. But it wasn't a disappointment. Colorado is beautiful at all the nook and corner. Drive through the highway was the best. I could see the clouds at the distance, covering the tall mountains for miles. 

The Rocky Mountains, commonly known as the Rockies, are a major mountain range in western North America. The Rocky Mountains stretch more than 3,000 miles (4,830 km) from the northernmost part of British Columbia, in western Canada, to New Mexico, in the southwestern United States. Within the North American Cordillera, the Rockies are somewhat distinct from the Pacific Coast Ranges and the Cascade Range and Sierra Nevada which all lie farther to the west.

These mountains are famous for it's scenic beauty. I was amazed at the wonder of that place. Clicked few pictures, and all were fantastic. Not because of my skills, but the place was simple awesome :)

The Rockies have very different seasons. In the winter there is deep snow, high winds, and sudden blizzards are common. At night it can get to -35 degree F or below! In the spring there is unpredictable weather. It could be wet or dry, cold or warm. In the summer there are sunny mornings, afternoon thunderstorms and clear nights. In the fall there are cool, crisp days, wind and decreasing precipitation.

This place is a highly protected area. Well guarded and taken care of its beauty, I didn't even realize the time slipping by. Spent almost 4 hours at this place, getting down at various scenic view points and enjoyed the cool breeze from the mountains...

Noticed the white line on the mountain. That's the way I took to reach the summit. No railings or guard on the edge of the road. Just me, God and heaven :) I am sure that my heart beat was at its top while climbing up the mountain.

A small mistake can kick me to the dense woods beneath...

I was a pure visitor at this place, but people visit the Rockies for many recreational activities like hiking, hunting, camping, skiing and lots of other sports.

Met a group of bikers climbed up the hills as a part of their weekend routine. The locals who cant miss this place at all...Such a beauty these mountains present for all who seek for it.

22 August 2014

Wanderlust: Colorado & Snow Capped Mountains

At City of Colorado Springs - Red Rock Canyon
Always imagined about visiting this place once. But could never figure out the date and time for that occasion before. And so when I landed at Colorado, it took sometime for me to connect the dream with the reality. 

Walked around the airport visitor center for sometime collecting the brochures and flyers on the attractions. 

17 miles from the airport is Aurora, where my sister's friend stays. They've been so kind to accommodate me on the long weekend. And I had a wonderful time with them. Travel, fun, snow, food - that was a travel I longed for.

The best part of the vacation:.

I drove in and around like a crazy driver. Covered almost all the attractions in 5 days. The fresh air and less crowded mountain roads, green covered trails and unexpected moose encounters - that was fun.

It just rained when I was heading to Mount Evans. The sky was beautiful, nature looked fresh and the traffic was bad. Enjoyed the drive with the video shoot and gazing at the wonderful Colorado mountains all the way.

30 April 2014

Birthday & The Barbecue Evening

Fresh charcoal is ready
Thanks to Jesner and Ancy for presenting me yet another beautiful evening. I am soo late to create this post. Got caught up in some critical works. But I decided to air this today itself.

And yes, it was a grilling evening, and Ancy's birthday celebration.

Jesner was ready with the grill when I reached at their place yesterday. The grilling a was kind of tutorial for me. Learned the aerodynamics of grilling (Didn't get the aerodynamics part? It is all about utilizing the air around to make the coal burn better & the chicken to taste awesome. Never mind, I know, the topic is complicated as it spells.)

He instructed while I performed the grill setup. Yipee, I learned to setup a barbecue kitchen now.

A wonderful evening. A cute patio with couple of chairs, chips, creamy cashews and soda.  Ancy was busy preparing dinner inside, and came occasionally to the patio, in-order to make sure we aren't burning the chicken and delivered professional suggestions :)

Jesner and I was discussing various topics, while the chicken was getting grilled. 

After an hour and a half of grilling, we ate that chicken mercilessly with pulav and ancy's signature green salad. Finger licking good.

Let's go through some of the main clicks of that day.

Filled the fresh black charcoal in the holder and burned it from the bottom to get started.

After few minutes, the smoke started emerging from the charcoal holder.

Then the smoke began to gush out like thick clouds escaping up into the sky. Means that the charcoal and the fire is having some serious conversation now.

After few minutes the smoke started settling down. Means, the coal is on fire and no more smoking :)

The charcoal on fire. To start the grilling, the color of the charcoal should turn to ash.

Charcoal is ready to cook.

Jesner placed the chicken on the grill. Well marinated from the morning, the chicken smelled good!

Half way through the grilling. Few more minutes for the chicken to get cooked properly.

Tada, let's eat it. Proud for the first personal grilling. Thanks Jesner for your tutorial and walk through :)

Isn't the chicken looking yummy!

The tools which helped us to prepare our dinner.

That was yummy and yummy to the heart.

Followed by Ancy's birthday celebration. The shot through the leaves on the flower vase. 

A different evening with a different experience with a wonderful family...

24 April 2014

The Tulips...

The Tulip encounter for the first time in my life. I was madly clicking the pics all around. People were so excited to be around on the first week of spring. Trees and nature, coming back to their life.

The red tulips with a white border. It really looked like the flames on the sticks.

They were so beautiful in the sun.

The purples were so beautiful and my favorite color of course. 

A mix of beauties...

Bright in the shade.

© Images by Anoop Savio

18 February 2014

Wedding Bells

4 days in Kerala, for my cousins wedding. Had a wonderful time with the dear ones.

14 October 2013

Mysore Palace & Dasara Memories 2013

The heritage city of Mysore is at its vibrant best during the 10-day Dasera festival, which continues a tradition started by the Vijayanagar kings in the 15th century. The festival starts with a procession of decorated elephants led by the Maharaja of Mysore – a grand spectacle. Every evening, the Maharaja’s Palace is dramatically lit up, while the town is transformed into a gigantic fairground, with concerts, dance performances, sporting demonstrations and cultural events. On the last day, Vijayadashami, the celebrations are capped off with a dazzling torchlight procession.
- Lonely Planet 

I wanted this travel for many reasons. And this time I didn't want to miss the festive moments at Mysore. Called up Nadheem and we decided to make the move. Ani didn't join this and she wasn't comfortable with the crowd during Dasera. 

We started from Bangalore by 5 in the morning. Took the route through the KR Market and headed on to the Mysore Road. After an hour and a half, we had a halt at one of the high way hotels on the way. That nice coffee and Iddaly made our day. So tasty it was. Yummy.

I was watching the traffic from the restaurant. Almost all the vehicles were commuting at a speed of 100 kmph. I felt like they are after some treasure hidden in Mysore. After 30 minutes, we got back to our road to Mysore.

Reached Mysore at 9:30 am. But the palace will open only at 10:30. We thought of spending time around, by having one more breakfast. We parked the car at that hotel and went for a walk. Took some pics walking around, took a horse cart ride, small shopping and then headed towards the hotel where we parked the car.

Got inside the palace by 10:50 in the morning (INR 40/head. No camera charges as they will not allow the camera inside the palace. You can click around the premises).

The Palace got the same old glorious look and feel. It shined like never before as a part of the Dasera preparations. Around a couple of crores are spend towards the maintenance of the palace every year. And it shows. 

Cultural shows, fun loving crowds, curios kids, royal processions and 1 lakh bulbs illuminated palace - everything together made our day...

The very first breakfast. Can you see that single spoon of butter on the iddly? He does a magic in the mouth...

21 July 2013

Ani's Recipes

I must thank Ani for the wonderful dinner to support our Meet Up. As usual, her signature Kerala Style Seer Fish curry took the center stage.

Kerala Style Seer Fish Curry

Chicken Roast

All spices marinated Chicken Fry

Ready to serve