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04 October 2015

Enjoying The Season Like A Kid

Autumn is coloring the whole nature. I wanted to grab each and every beautiful leaves and fill my suitcase. How wonderful the nature is and we are definitely blessed to live the day.

14 September 2015

It Smells Like Christmas!

If you ask me for one season in my life that I enjoy my heart out, it is the Christmas. 

For the past two weekends I stumbled up on the Christmas decorations in 4-5 shops. Initially I thought there are some people like me who think about Christmas bit early. But the truth is that I might be the last one in the major chunk who enjoys this season. 

Majority of hotels doesn't have a vacancy for 2015 Christmas. Everything SOLD OUT. That's crazy.

But looking forward to welcome the season. Lot to share with Ikey.