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23 March 2014

Laguardia to Dallas Fort Worth

My Uncle gave a drop to the hotel. Thanks a ton for him for picking me up from the airport. Otherwise I would have stood there for some time thinking about the taxi rental.

Flight was at 6 in the morning and I was out from the hotel by 3:30. Came out to click some pics and instantly I got frozen. Rushed to the hotel again and waited for the shuttle to pick me up.

Got a Delta Airline pilot as a company. For a formality I asked about the flight control and for the next 10 minutes I had a wonderful seminar from him. Good!

New York was sooo beautiful at night. The view from the flight was just amazing. 

By the time the flight approached DFW airport, the sun started rising at the horizon.

Got out from the airport in 30 minutes and headed towards the hotel. And a new phase started in United States.