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22 February 2016

Chasing The Snow

It was a fine weekend morning. Got up bit late. The normal schedule of calling Ani remained as usual. Simply moved the hotel curtains to gaze at the opposite garden. But what welcomed my eyes was the snowing. Grabbed the jacket and the camera, then ran out to click the pictures. Took the below video instead.

I was walking in the snow while shooting this video. The tiny snow particles hit my face and it felt wonderful. Chasing the snow is great...

28 September 2014

Red Rocks Park Amphitheatre

I heard a lot about this place from my colleague, couple of weeks before the Colorado trip. I didn't know much about this place then. 

Once the trekking through the Red Rock Mountain Park trail was over, I sat for sometime to read about the amphitheater. Learned this research and preparation from Ani. She collects all the information about the place to visit much ahead of the trip that we could really understand the significance of the place we were in.

The best part I loved about this amphitheater - no one built it. It is a naturally formed venue, a perfect architecture for an amphitheater. You can enjoy the concerts, enjoying the music and staring at the star studded night and mystical natural ambiance embracing your heart and mind. One step closer to heaven is what I can say about that feeling.

The entrance of the amphitheater. There wasn't much visitors around when I reached this place. There was preparations going on for a concert that night. Logistics teams were busy ferrying the equipments to this place.

Towards the amphitheater is the visitor center. Past to this is where the back row of the theater begins. Its like a slope towards the stage.

The gathering area outside the theater.

And I am viewing a natural marvel. The best amphitheater in the world. Goosebumps!

The venue getting ready for a big concert of the evening.

A concert at Red Rock Amphitheater

02 July 2014

How To Wear An Indian Saree In American Way

It was when the travel back to US confirmed, Karen, one of my project colleague, requested for a Saree from India. I bought one and gave to her on the first day in office. 

Few minutes later, I saw that the Saree was being tried out by three curious people in the room. I didn't want to miss that opportunity, took the camera and started recording the moment. I knew that something fun is going to happen, but never expected this experience though :)

What was that? The American style of wearing an Indian Saree? That was fun, loads of fun.

20 May 2014

The Hamster @ Petsmart

Americans are great lovers of pets. And it shows. Petsmart is one great example for that. I went in to one store on this weekend and I was amazed by their offerings. And with a beauty parlor and a clinic, that's a luxury for pets.

Found this funny and active Hamster doing it's routine exercise in one of the cages. He was so cute and was fun to watch his acts. 

Could find strange pets around. Like the African Dwarf Frogs, Albino Corn Snakes, Black Corn Snakes, Asian Forest Scorpions, Bahaman Anole,Chinese Water Dragon, Fancy Corn Snake, spiders and so on.

Not a big fan of pets, but spent some time around, as I felt it like being in a zoo in the neighborhood :D

15 April 2014

A Joyful Chirping

No matter who we are, a beautiful day is what we all need.  

It is a blessing, if your mind is enjoying things around on a wonderful morning. Because there is a heart which looks out for simple things to enjoy.

It rained in Texas on Saturday night. Sunday morning was cold and freezing. Wanted to sleep under the warm blanket, but then I cannot compromise on my Jesus. Had to wake up and go to Potters House for the service. 

I took this video once I reached Mansfield to pick up Jesner and Ancy. When I was about to get out from the car, this beautiful chirping caught my attention. There was nobody out on the street and people weren't awake.But this bird was singing the song. 

Might be that he's so happy for another beautiful morning...

14 April 2014

Six Flags over Texas

This is one place which is very close to where I stay and never visited. 

+Six Flags over Texas is one of the biggest amusement park in the world. I would have gone to this on the first day of my stay, but there is no fun without a company. I wish at least Ani would have been with me. 

Took this video on a weekend evening, when I was taking a stroll through the neighborhood. You can hear the excitement of the people on the roller-coaster. 

One BIG recommended place to visit in group...

29 March 2014

How passionate are you?

We will be passionate about the things which we like the most. Others might bully you for that reason. But doesn't matter, as long as it is ethical.

I am not a great fan of sports. Never ever tried to watch any kind of sports (never seen a cricket match). However, today I spent 15 minutes of my time, watching a basket ball game. Only to see the passionate and happy faces around.

They are passionate. Really YES!

25 March 2014

London > NY - Video Journal

Arlington Downtown Countryside Walk

Met these guys on a country side walk of Arlington Downtown area. 

A very calm and quiet place. No hassles of traffic. Peaceful and green. It was nice to watch those cute little well maintained homes.

Loved the walk, with the birds singing wonderful songs on a spring evening. I will go to this place for a walk again. It is calling me...

Flight take off from London Heathrow Airport

4 hours of transit. There was nothing much to do than capturing the flight take offs and watching the airliners getting ready for the next ride. 

Enjoyed the view. Seems like lot of air traffic. I must have watched around 14 take offs in 10 minutes. That is a traffic concern.

24 March 2014

In Need of Freedom?

Confronted this dog while discovering Arlington Downtown on foot. What kind of breed is that? Anyway, it was fun to watch his struggle for freedom :)

Arlington Trolley - Video Journal

Saw this trolley couple of times outside the hotel. It was red and looking cute. When inquired in the hotel, came to know that the trolley provides free transportation for the registered hotels in Arlington. Fortunately, my hotel was one of them.

Got a couple of brochures and free pass from the hotel. Planned to use the trolley service effectively. And it took me around Arlington. Wow, that was a fantastic way to go around, without spending a penny.

These schedule charts helped me to plan the trolley travel.

She is a perfect driver.

Wooden seats and ceiling gave the bus a rich look and I felt special.

Curved windows gave the bus a fairy tale look

Is that a train on road?

Isn't it beautiful.