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28 May 2016

Is There A Plan?

Ani, "Do we have a plan?"

Me, "Oh yes, we have a plan. Considering the fact that we are using the public transport this time, we have time limitations on what to be covered and when. Let's go with the prime locations and its distance. As per this math, we have the mentioned places to cover. Are you ready to be a wanderlust???"

Ani, "Yes"

Sounds like a plan!

25 March 2014

Bangalore to United States - Video Journal

Moments from the journey. Captured with excitement and joy...

Flight take off from London Heathrow Airport

4 hours of transit. There was nothing much to do than capturing the flight take offs and watching the airliners getting ready for the next ride. 

Enjoyed the view. Seems like lot of air traffic. I must have watched around 14 take offs in 10 minutes. That is a traffic concern.

23 March 2014

London > NY

After a waiting time of 4 hours, started off from London to New York. A wonderful journey towards the destination.


What was that? A cloud field? Awesome view...

At the end of the 16th hour, all I wanted was a bed. Before the next flight, time to take a break.

Can I get a taxi.