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08 August 2015

Music Everywhere

This place is full of music all the time. 

I walked into the hotel lobby there was the music. Checked into the room, music was there too. Walked out to the street, there is the music again. 

Ani also love to listen to music. I don't know how many CD's I have gifted to her during our college days. She too started loving my favorites since then.

There was at least 4 live musicians along the way to the central station which is a mile from the hotel. Stopped at couple of places to listen to them. So blessed with the wonderful voice. Still I wonder why they don't get the right chance to come into the limelight.

He was there for a long time. Country songs? I think yes.

But this person was singing one of my favorites (Cold Play - A Sky Full Of Stars). So recorded the video for sometime. Good singing.