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20 September 2012

Bannerghatta Zoo Visit

Another holiday!

Bannerghatta zoo is one place that we have not visited untill yesterday...Almost for an year, we were staying so close to that place and never attempted to visit that place. But yesterday we paved a visit. 

Not so big as the Mysore zoo, but it is enough to have a one day trip. Safari, not that great but enjoyed the roller coaster ride. We took an a/c bus for the safari and what we felt is that - instead of keeping the animals inside the cage and getting INR 60 per head, they kept some animals in the nook and corner of a like forest place and bought INR 500 per head :)

The best part I liked are the security gates which opens and close at each and every safari entry points. It reminded me about the Jurassic park movie - the big automatic  gates which opens to the wildest of the journey. I had that feeling, only I had :)

Isaac was watching those animals live for the first time. He has seen the zebra's, elephants, tigers, lions and everything in his little study book. He was so amazed to see the those animals near and live. Extreme thing was he wanted to go inside the tiger cage :) So brave!!!

I had 152 HD clips this time. Took considerable amount of time to compile to a movie. And it got into three different parts.