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27 March 2014

AT&T Stadium

Some facts about the AT&T Stadium:
  • Originally known as Cowboys Stadium
  • Fourth largest stadium in the NFL by seating capacity
  • The maximum capacity of the stadium, including standing room, is 105,000
  • World's largest column-free interior and the fourth largest high definition video screen, which hangs from 20-yard line to 20-yard line.
  • Originally estimated to cost $650 million, the stadium's current construction cost was $1.15 billion
  • One of the most expensive sports venues ever built.
  • To aid Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones in paying the construction costs of the new stadium, Arlington voters approved the increase of the city's sales tax by 0.5 percent, the hotel occupancy tax by 2 percent, and car rental tax by 5 percent.

Tried to squeeze in the stadium on camera and I reached at the entrance of Walmart. It is so huge.

Motivation everywhere

Walkways with fan names carved in.

A walk around the stadium

Tired of walking and trying out the clicks now

The posters welcoming the next event

Cameras are not allowed inside the stadium. So thanks to Wikipedia for the picture.