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10 January 2012

Vacation day 2: vagamon meadows

One of the most memorable event happened till now in the past three days. We started off in two cars. I was driving one with Ani and cechi and it was a good ride.

Vagamon is on the mountain top. We have to climb up through the hair pins to reach on the top. In between we had a halt to see the scenery. The beautiful fog filled valley.

The we headed towards the kurisumala mountain. This place is for climbing uphill. It depicts the 14 pit stops of Jesus's journey to the Calvary mountain. Mummy and chettan decided not to climb up and to take care of Isaac. Me,ani,cechi,joyce and daddy started climbing up. At sixth place, me and Ani dropped the plan to climb further. But cechi,joyce and daddy continued their journey.

It was a lonely place. There wasn't much visitors at that time and i was sitting with ani enjoying the scenery  Suddenly we could see the dense fog passing by and that was an awesome experience. We started climbing down and it started raining. Enjoyed that too.

Then waited for the other people and started to the Vagamon meadows. I wanted to visit that place at any cost. And when we reached there what we could see was a movie shooting. It was some Tamil movie and there wasn't anyone whom we know in the film industry. Sad!!!

Then back home. Sat with everyone and watched the clicks we have taken. Good experience and we all loved it to the core. Photos will be uploaded soon.