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14 January 2014

Ooty: Pykara Water Falls

We planned to visit the Pykara falls on the last day. If you take the Gudalur route to Bangalore, Pykara is in that route and can plan as the last destination to visit. Situated 19 kilometer from Ooty there lies a breathtaking beauty in the midst of a forest. Never miss this place.

Have to walk for a kilometer to reach the waterfall. Going down will be an easy task, but climbing up can be a bit hard for those people who don't like walking and for the old people.

The walk was a really worth one. Such a beautiful creation of God and we were awestruck by its beauty and calmness.

13 January 2014

Ooty: The Willow Hill Stay

Couple of my friends went to Yercaud a month back on almost adjacent dates and to my surprise they had very contrasting comment about their vacation. When one loved the place, the other did not enjoy the travel. The very same place, but very different opinions. When drilled into detail about various attributes of their travel, the differentiator came out to be the place where they stayed. 

I am not recommending a luxury hotel/resort/villa for the stay. But the place should make you feel comfortable. You should feel that, yes this is the place I wanted to stay. Among the various factors which affect the vacation, this is a primary one for sure.

Ani couldn't take the eyes from the beauty of the nature. Wonderful view from the room.

We had mixed feelings when we were about to near Willow Hill Hotel. We traced this one through Trip Advisor (as usual) and had a very good rating from 95% of the travelers. But there wasn't much pictures of this place and we were confused at first. But based on the rating we booked the place and at the end of the travel, the stay and the food at Willow Hill - We just loved it...

Willow Hill is very near to the Ooty town. Got this information from their website, but I never liked the hotels with its gate directly opening main road. I was expressing this wish to Ani and I realized that my wish is coming true when the approach road became narrow and lush greenery started appearing. And at the top of the hill, far away from the restlessness of the city, there emerges the beauty which we were hoping to spend our vacation in.

Loved the place in first sight. Checked in less than 5 minutes and took rest for some time, before starting the Ooty exploration.

12 January 2014

Ooty: A day at Bethlehem

If Fern Hills Palace reminded me about the gone away royal glory, Glyngarth villa took me to the mountain of serenity. Who doesn't love the peace and silence? I love it and I enjoyed it at this place - that too on a Christmas Day. That's an awesome blend, correct?

People from Kerala might trace this place back to the movie - Summer in Bethlehem. I really wanted to visit this place, when I watched that movie years back. And it happened.
A very different and mixed feeling to stand in front of this place and by the by - I was tweeting the experience live :)
The lunch time was over when we reached the villa. Then decided for a tiny snack time.
Organized, clean and royal dining room
Relax to the core...
Fire place...
Keralites will remember this stair case forever :)
So silent and serene....
To chill
Ani examining each and every items in the room
Adding some sweetness to the evening..
Miles to go before I sleep :)
Always welcoming and wonderful hospitality...
Ready for a small ride...
Time to hit the road again
The cottages....