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14 January 2014

Ooty: Pykara Water Falls

We planned to visit the Pykara falls on the last day. If you take the Gudalur route to Bangalore, Pykara is in that route and can plan as the last destination to visit. Situated 19 kilometer from Ooty there lies a breathtaking beauty in the midst of a forest. Never miss this place.

Have to walk for a kilometer to reach the waterfall. Going down will be an easy task, but climbing up can be a bit hard for those people who don't like walking and for the old people.

The walk was a really worth one. Such a beautiful creation of God and we were awestruck by its beauty and calmness.

The waterfall reveals as you climb down the stairs. At first the river comes into picture and the ears will fill with the rumbling water sound.

On the way to the falls

Couldn't resist clicking a photo at this point.

I didn't want to pose, but Ani made me to stand and click one.

A click from the center of the waterfalls...

High Energy waterfalls. There is a dam which harvest the power of this fall. Unfortunately, tourists doesn't have the access to it. But can see that on the way.

Spend an hour watching the wonder of God.

It was a sunny day and there wasn't much people around.

An old house turned ticket counter. The ticket fare is INR 5.

This house must have been beautiful if maintained properly. But looked orphaned.

The must buy from Ooty. Fresh and tender carrots just out from the farm. Bought some for Isaac.

Bought some pink radish on the way. I never liked its taste, but they look so cute. The woman who was selling it told me not to waste the leaves of it as it has a lot of medicinal properties. Good one for Sambar...

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