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20 January 2014

Ooty: Pine Forest

A walk in the woods in a chilly windy climate, how wonderful that will be. We enjoyed it and there wasn't very much people around. So the nature was very visible. With the voice of the joyful birds around - that walk was like in heaven.

Ani was excited to walk around the place.

Gathering information from a school boy about the places to visit. We deviated a lot from the normal visiting places of Ooty, which made out journey the best. More local flavor.

A beautiful bridge near to the Florance School. 

It was early in the morning and we could see the sun rays penetrating though the wood to reach the land. What a view it was.

Not much vehicles in the road. Not very crowded also.

The bright light rays full of energy.

Let's go down to see the beauty of this place.


  1. Hi, Can you tell me the exact direction of this ? is it near lovedale ?

  2. Yes. Very close to The Lawrence School, Love Dale. The first few pictures are the boundaries of the school.

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  4. Awesome article..!!! Made me feel as if i visited the place myself.. :):)