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12 March 2017

An Italian Cuisine Weekend

Blessings always happen in life. Because that is the promise of God. So another weekend in Scotland.

Whenever we look for a restaurant, the search ends with an Indian cuisine. Because that is the taste we both love anyway. However, this weekend we decided to try out the Italian specialties. The search ended up at +Frankie and Benny's 

To be frank, we loved it. The time spent together as a family, talking about the things we love and taking care of Ikey - sometimes, simple things are the most precious ones in life.

Another Friday night, well spent!

27 May 2016

Something Different Is Always Wonderful

We've been busy producing travel videos on weekends. Vlog making, editing, subtitling, previewing and much creative!

There is a reason why we want to keep the traction on this effort.

Ani was working till last January and then she quit the job and travelled with me to UK. A sudden change from office life to a home maker, came to know that this transition is pretty tough to get on with. Creative side just get stale. 

She spends her entire time spending with Ikey which she loves to do her entire life, but at times she feels like something is missing. And was sad about it. But then when she tried out this vlog making, she started getting the creative side back. She's happy and am extremely happy that she's happy :)

Realized the fact that she's so camera friendly and which is not something I can ever do. I can shoot and she can behave (no acting is what our decision is) :)

Hope to make more good and interesting vlogs. Let's see...

06 May 2016

Vlogs by Ani / 2 - A Drenched Outing & A Great Buffet Dinner

We love rain, but this rain happened at the wrong time and place.

However, good time when we are together...

02 May 2016

Vlogs by Ani / 1 - The Fish Curry Dinner Plan

I did try to create a vlog long time back, but when realized the fact that it is not my cup of coffee, refrained from that effort.

But now realized that Ani does a good job in this area and am happy that she came forward to try this out.

All the very best dear...