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23 March 2017

How To Spend A Day At MillPort Scotland? The Island of a thousand bicycles

We've been to places around Scotland, but never a specific visit to a village. So this weekend, we thought of visiting an Island village - Millport.

There are several reasons why I picked this place. It's proximity to our place, so the short travel and it was a one day trip. Second reason being, we didn't want to miss out the near by gems searching for the farther locations. And it turned out to be the best decision for the weekend. And we enjoyed it very much.

We had to take the car in a ferry to reach the island. The experience was wonderful as it was our first of this kind of travel.

The island was very small and so our intention was to discover the place on cycle. 

We did around 10KM of cycling in Millport.

These are the places that we visited.
  • Cathedral of Isles
  • Garrison House
  • Crocodile Rock
  • Millport Beach
  • Millport Cycling
Never felt satisfied after a travel like this one. I was laughing inside out from the sheer happiness visiting this place.

06 October 2016

Glasgow to Stirling: The Old Town

I did really missed Ani while walking up the hill towards the castle. Exploring things together is always something that we love. Before my marriage, I loved to travel alone. But not anymore. 

I was thinking about them all the time and gave occasional calls to Ani. I think she got fed up with my call and said - "You please explore. Bye". She was busy spending time with her family. It is always good to know that our dear ones are happy. At the end of the day that's what we are all trying for.

I was passing through the old town of Stirling. People aren't still around. It was a weekend and everyone might be enjoying some early morning sleep or having a peaceful breakfast.

The first shop that I found on the way up was this OLD TOWN COFFEE HOUSE. Looked so blended with the atmosphere. The name definitely is.

So many buildings on the way. This is the Stirling highland hotel. So old architecture and beautiful building. This is what I wanted too. That feeling of travelling back to the history, always makes me excited.

Time has passed by. The sun is out. Despite the expected rainy day, the light shined up on me. That was a good sign. The day was beautiful, so beautiful that everyone was talking about it. It became bit warm and comfortable towards the afternoon.

On the way I saw the The Church of the Holy Rude. An medieval church in Scotland. I didn't plan to visit, but thought of just walking around and getting back to the castle route.

That was a good decision. There was a sight seeing area behind the church, which looked over the Stirling town. It was beautiful.

The houses looked like match boxes. The hill looked like covered with a green blanket. The thick clouds drifting across the horizons and becoming invisible - marvellous sights it was. Spent 30 minutes sipping the tea and enjoying the view. The cool breeze was hitting my face gently. It was so fresh.

More ancient homes on the way. You will never get tired of the sights along the way. Each ones are different and something special about it. Simple, but looked beautiful. I wanted to photograph everything around the area.

Then it looked like the castle path. Stone cobbled pathways were so perfect. The cars rolling over it created some old sound. It was soothing to hear. I knelt down and touched the stones, it was so cold. The sun couldn't make them comfortable yet.

It is definitely autumn coming around. The trees are changing their colors to welcome the wonderful season. Every season is wonderful, but autumn is particularly special for me.

Hotel next to the castle. Nice isn't it.

I could see the cars getting into the castle. Now we got some people around finally.

Scotland is full of castles and each one is different. Each one varies in its size and purpose, but carries a unique characteristics and speciality. That is why the name castles never get a boring node from me. It is just wonderful to visit them all :)

04 October 2016

Glasgow to Stirling: Station And Around

Reached the station around 8:15. The next train to Stirling was at 8:32, the one to Aberdeen. Rushed into the train as the platform is displayed, as I wanted the window seat.

After settling down, wanted to listen to some worship songs. Did buy a Bluetooth headset a month back, but couldn’t use it as I was going through tough times with my ears. God’s grace, when I got healed, I really wanted to listen and learn more worship songs. 

It was beautiful to listen to the songs and travel in the train. It really blended with the outside view of Scotland. When the song mentions about the blessings, love and grace, what more to experience than the agape love of my God? Marvelous.

That was quite a spectacular journey. It was not about Stirling, but it’s about the peace that was in my mind that mattered then. Experience for a life time.

The Stirling station was not at all crowded. I felt like visiting Ooty. Cold and welcoming. You will want to breathe in the fresh air that snuggled the place.

If Ani is not with me, it is sure that I am not planned. If I am not planned, I am confused and will start looking around for help or information centre. Fortunately, there was a map just outside the train station. It was a simple and straight forward map. Stirling is a small town and the paths to the main locations were obvious. That helped.

After getting out from the station, I wanted to have a tea. And there was a small local shop right in front of the station. I hurried to grab a tea and breakfast.

One thing I have noticed about these local shops is that, the people in will be so happy and welcoming. They will greet you and ask you about the day and what you up to. It’s pretty fun to spend time with them.

The town had a mix of traditional and modern buildings all around. To the left side of the station is the city centre and a huge mall. Majority of the people were at this place. To the right, it’s the old town. More old buildings and pathways. That was my interest and I took the right turn.

Beautifully crafted buildings and surroundings. Clean and tidy, you will not want to miss a glance about anything about this place.

I was clicking the pics all around and didn’t want to miss any special thing that I found around.

The sun was sneaking through the clouds and that little bit of warmth with the fantastic old weather was a real soothing factor.

After exploring the area for sometime, I started climbing up, towards the Stirling Castle, which was the number one item (and the only one) in my list.

02 October 2016

Glasgow to Stirling

A wee thought on a Thursday evening made me to book the tickets to Stirling. For the past few weeks, I didn't get out from my place. I wasn't feeling any interest to explore or to travel. My family knows the reason why.

Thanks to God that he refreshed my mind and body. Another example of HIS promises coming true in life.
But those who wait on the Lord
Shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint.
(Isaiah 40:31)
I wanted to get out and explore on the Saturday. Conveyed the plan to Ani and hastily booked the tickets.

I had to leave at 7 am on Saturday morning. After sleeping late on that Friday, I was feeling lazy and decided to drop the travel plan at 6 am. But, I couldn't find the cancellation button on the Scotrail site. I didn't want to waste that money, so forced myself to pack and go with the plan. Felt really better after a hot bath in the morning. Prayed to God and got out to explore.

The railway station was deserted and I was the only one waiting for the train. A very cold day (for me) as usual :)

And I was the only person in the compartment when boarded the train. After 25 minutes, reached the Argyle Street station. The station exit to the Glasgow city center, to the heart of the city.

For the first time, I saw the fog filled Glasgow. It's somewhere between the summer end and winter start.

It was a cold morning and fresh air was a treat to the body. Not much people around. The shops weren't opened then.

Grabbed the usual Subway breakfast real quick and headed towards the Glasgow Queen Street station. The train commence from there to Stirling. 

The city was getting ready for a big day. The great Scottish Marathon was on Saturday. The road access around George street was closed and the event team were busy preparing the path and other facilities.

One and half hour of journey, took me to Stirling. No clue on where to start exploring the city. But the first thing first - let's grab a hot tea.

01 October 2016

When Life Has A Meaning

Another quiet weekend starts. I believe the quietness has a meaning now. Sometimes it is good to slow down, have a look into the life and realize the blessing of God and the gifts from him. I am enjoying that moment now. A change in perspective and outlook.

We humans thinks that we are big shots and plan life like we are in control. How silly. Do not neglect the facts and truth's of life. Doesn't that feel sensible? Oh yes.

Late into the night now. The sense of happiness and peace, the greatest wealth of life. And, it comes only from one person. Just completed a chat with him and I feel really fresh in his love and compassion.

Have a great and wonderful weekend all & take care...

19 July 2016

Into An Another World of History & Castles

It isn't the summer that we have seen in India. Here, If the sun stays for at least 3-4 days, it's a good summer of the year. And to be frank, I don't dislike that.

Trip to Scotland was a quick planned trip. Ani wanted to visit Glasgow & Edinburgh on a weekend and we thought of getting that item checked. 

Typical English breakfast. Ani dont like this much, but I like

Ikey enjoys the train rides. The best part - the large glass windows.
Awesome view of Scotland all through the journey.

Edinburgh Waverley Station. This place was crowded when we reached.
But we felt that we were in a different world. Like in the Harry Potter world. 
The busy Edinburgh station. Right outside this place awaits the wonders of Edinburgh.

AirBnB is the first sought of stay now a days for us. It's easy, cheap, trustable and you can get a very good deal even at the last moment. Hotel prices go up like crazy if it's not planned much in advance. And majority of the time, trips aren't planned in advance :)

When we planned the trip to Glasgow, proximity to the city centre was the first priority. And we got a very good stay with God's grace. 

We loved the stay at this home.
Ikey played his favorite hide and seek behind this long curtains.

At the same time, he enjoyed peaceful times too...

It was an old tenement converted to a house by the host. She is an architecture student and I could really see her skill in the way she designed the house. It's simple, minimalistic and all white :)

Ani always laughs at me when I say that the our new house theme has to be white. She likes white, but the way I describe it, might be the reason which makes her laugh. Can't blame :)

This house was a perfect example of what I always dreamt of. When you get something that you love, you will enjoy it to the best. That's what we did for four days. While I was photographing the every nook and corner of the house for the future reference, Ani was relaxing and Ikey was busy exploring the place. 

Just began walking around the Edinburgh streets. You will never get bored.

Architectural elegance, preserved buildings, castles...

The Saturday wasn't that promising as we thought. It rained all day. It's Scotland and that's the way it is. Accepted the fact and set out to explore Glasgow. 

After spending majority of the time in St. Enoch mall and exploring the City Centre shopping street, we called it a day. Walked around 5-6 kilometres. A good exercise and fun together. 

Walking towards the Royal Mile & the Castle. It is a steep climb. Ani didnt enjoy that much :)

Finally at the Royal Mile. Ikey was asleep and we covered him to protect from the freezing wind.

Infront on the Edinburgh Castle. Wow!

This is where the Harry Potter story was born. J.K Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter story at this place.

In=Front of the Greyfriars Bobby statue.

Walking around the National Library to get back to the Royal Mile.

Queens Gallery and Holyroodhouse Palace

Holyroodhouse Palace from a distance. This is the queens official residence in Scotland.

This is back to the past for me. Last year I had a yummy hog roast from here. But this time, I was hindered by Ani. 

A secret park in the center of the city. I accidentally discovered this hidden gem.

That's Ani :) She got into the pull over when the wind became too freezing.

Colorful red doors exist a lot at Edinburgh.
Instagram shot - is what it comes to mind whenever I see one of these.
There are some good artifacts here to enjoy.
Our visit to this place was a very short one. Ikey didnt like this place m

These steps takes us to the Royal Mile. Ikey was in the stroller and I carried him #
with the stroller up this place :)
Didnt want to miss the view and experience.
What about one more trip to Edinburgh? YESSSSSSSSSS...

13 June 2016

Way to go Ani

15 vlogs and going strong. We love our weekend shootings and editing the vlogs. Super fun.

Watch the the vlogs by Ani by simply searching 'Ani Denny' on Youtube.

28 May 2016

Is There A Plan?

Ani, "Do we have a plan?"

Me, "Oh yes, we have a plan. Considering the fact that we are using the public transport this time, we have time limitations on what to be covered and when. Let's go with the prime locations and its distance. As per this math, we have the mentioned places to cover. Are you ready to be a wanderlust???"

Ani, "Yes"

Sounds like a plan!

27 May 2016

Something Different Is Always Wonderful

We've been busy producing travel videos on weekends. Vlog making, editing, subtitling, previewing and much creative!

There is a reason why we want to keep the traction on this effort.

Ani was working till last January and then she quit the job and travelled with me to UK. A sudden change from office life to a home maker, came to know that this transition is pretty tough to get on with. Creative side just get stale. 

She spends her entire time spending with Ikey which she loves to do her entire life, but at times she feels like something is missing. And was sad about it. But then when she tried out this vlog making, she started getting the creative side back. She's happy and am extremely happy that she's happy :)

Realized the fact that she's so camera friendly and which is not something I can ever do. I can shoot and she can behave (no acting is what our decision is) :)

Hope to make more good and interesting vlogs. Let's see...

10 May 2016

The Tiny Trains & The Summer Park

This was a wonderful outing. We didn't have a clue on what to expect and that turned out to be the best part of this outing. Wonderful moments exploring...

07 May 2016

He is growing fast

We still remember the day he came out from the womb. He was a pre- mature baby, light weight and tiny.

We heard his first cry in the operation theatre. Ani was lying with her belly open and I was recording the delivery (they allowed me to use the camera in the operation theatre. Nice doctors) :) So I captured the moment, he was taken out from Ani's stomach.

We wondered how thin he was and Ani was tensed about his weight for a very long time. But we trusted God and like always, it came to pass.

Now he has grown up and gained weight. No resemblance to his earlier infant days at all. So different and dark he was. When we look at those old photos, we realize the blessing of God and the transformation he has gone through.

The only other kids growth that we have been closely associated with is Isaac's. We have seen him growing and thought we have seen all his growth stages, but later learned that, we did miss the core parenting part. That was a realization when Ikey came into our life.

Kids learn at a faster pace. Have seen this happening in Isaac's and Ikey's life. They do really grow fast. And curiosity drives them learn faster (I think once we grow up that curiosity factor is some way getting lost).

They observe, inact, experiment, learn so many things faster in the early growth stage (because they are not mislead by the social expectations).

I had to travel leaving them back in India. When I met Ani and Ikey after almost 3 months, he looked so different to me. He was a very small child when I left. But he knows so many things now.

Ani says, let's keep him busy teaching things. And we try to do that. And it is almost important that he learns the word of God too, along with all the other normal learning items. That is the first priority for us always.

I made a list of 100 things I want to do as a father. I didn't review that list yet. But would like to have a status check sometime soon.

One critical thing that we always keep in mind is that we are not Ikey's owner. It is Jesus. It is God. We are only his care takers during his life here. Once he grow up, he will have his own life. We cannot keep the control over him all through his life.

He will grow up, get into a job, will get married, will have a family and the life moves on. We cannot expect to see him whenever we like then. Truth is truth. Faster you adapt, easier it will be to manage :)

Even though it is tough to accept this truth, it is the reality. I couldn't digest this when I heard this for the first time. I know you wouldn't even :)

Life is a big book of learnings. You will hear about various ideologies, advices, experiences, recommendations, suggestions on how to lead the best life. And from my experience lot many times it contradicts from person to person. That made me confused, until I started reading the word of God. That is my measuring scale. The best measuring that you can test against.

Isu & Ikey - you guys grow up, but always walk in the word of God...We will do our best.

29 April 2016

We Love Kerala Food

Even though we like to explore the international cuisines, there is an extent that we can live on it.

Afterwards, the taste buds craves for our homely food. If that is not available, then at least some spicy (with no trace of sweetness in it) Indian food.

Ani mentioned the other day about badly having a Kerala sadya. She said, cost is the secondary part when she searched for Kerala sadya around the city. Even if it is costly, she wont mind paying to enjoy it, once in two months. But the fact is that, it is not even available to pay for it :)

Thats a true fact indeed. Sometimes you wont mind to tire yourself out for getting the good regional food.

While I was in Texas, traced the fact that the nearest Kerala restaurant is located in a gas station, 45 miles away from the place where I stayed. But I drove there every weekend just to grab the lunch with Kerala rice, beef fry, thoran, sambar and papad. No joke :)

This pics are related to somewhat similar kind of situation.

The Continuous Realisation - We CAN'T live without the Kerala food. Period!