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07 May 2016

He is growing fast

We still remember the day he came out from the womb. He was a pre- mature baby, light weight and tiny.

We heard his first cry in the operation theatre. Ani was lying with her belly open and I was recording the delivery (they allowed me to use the camera in the operation theatre. Nice doctors) :) So I captured the moment, he was taken out from Ani's stomach.

We wondered how thin he was and Ani was tensed about his weight for a very long time. But we trusted God and like always, it came to pass.

Now he has grown up and gained weight. No resemblance to his earlier infant days at all. So different and dark he was. When we look at those old photos, we realize the blessing of God and the transformation he has gone through.

The only other kids growth that we have been closely associated with is Isaac's. We have seen him growing and thought we have seen all his growth stages, but later learned that, we did miss the core parenting part. That was a realization when Ikey came into our life.

Kids learn at a faster pace. Have seen this happening in Isaac's and Ikey's life. They do really grow fast. And curiosity drives them learn faster (I think once we grow up that curiosity factor is some way getting lost).

They observe, inact, experiment, learn so many things faster in the early growth stage (because they are not mislead by the social expectations).

I had to travel leaving them back in India. When I met Ani and Ikey after almost 3 months, he looked so different to me. He was a very small child when I left. But he knows so many things now.

Ani says, let's keep him busy teaching things. And we try to do that. And it is almost important that he learns the word of God too, along with all the other normal learning items. That is the first priority for us always.

I made a list of 100 things I want to do as a father. I didn't review that list yet. But would like to have a status check sometime soon.

One critical thing that we always keep in mind is that we are not Ikey's owner. It is Jesus. It is God. We are only his care takers during his life here. Once he grow up, he will have his own life. We cannot keep the control over him all through his life.

He will grow up, get into a job, will get married, will have a family and the life moves on. We cannot expect to see him whenever we like then. Truth is truth. Faster you adapt, easier it will be to manage :)

Even though it is tough to accept this truth, it is the reality. I couldn't digest this when I heard this for the first time. I know you wouldn't even :)

Life is a big book of learnings. You will hear about various ideologies, advices, experiences, recommendations, suggestions on how to lead the best life. And from my experience lot many times it contradicts from person to person. That made me confused, until I started reading the word of God. That is my measuring scale. The best measuring that you can test against.

Isu & Ikey - you guys grow up, but always walk in the word of God...We will do our best.

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