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29 April 2016

We Love Kerala Food

Even though we like to explore the international cuisines, there is an extent that we can live on it.

Afterwards, the taste buds craves for our homely food. If that is not available, then at least some spicy (with no trace of sweetness in it) Indian food.

Ani mentioned the other day about badly having a Kerala sadya. She said, cost is the secondary part when she searched for Kerala sadya around the city. Even if it is costly, she wont mind paying to enjoy it, once in two months. But the fact is that, it is not even available to pay for it :)

Thats a true fact indeed. Sometimes you wont mind to tire yourself out for getting the good regional food.

While I was in Texas, traced the fact that the nearest Kerala restaurant is located in a gas station, 45 miles away from the place where I stayed. But I drove there every weekend just to grab the lunch with Kerala rice, beef fry, thoran, sambar and papad. No joke :)

This pics are related to somewhat similar kind of situation.

The Continuous Realisation - We CAN'T live without the Kerala food. Period!

07 February 2015

Visiting Home Town For The First Time

That was a long awaited journey for us. Taking Ikey for the first time to our home town in Kerala. There were lot of people awaiting to see him for the first time. We were thrilled, but little worried on whether the journey will make him uncomfortable. However, he was all good and enjoyed the trip.

So it took 2.5 hours extra than we usually need to travel. We started off at 4:15 am in the morning. Wrapped him and assigned sift wise care from Ani and Mummy. 

Me and Ani enjoyed the drive always. In-fact, Ani was so excited as she is having the first long journey after an year. And that reflected. It was fun talking and discussing various things in this world, all through the journey. 

Mummy used to be uncomfortable during the car journey. However, as Ikey was in her arms, she forgot about everything else. Engaging him and telling him about the things around, she too enjoyed the moments.

Surpassing the Western Ghats and approaching the Tamilnadu-Palakkad border, lies this signage. Welcome To Kerala State. 

This was the primary character in our journey's photography script. Ani noted this before and suggested to have a click with Ikey at this point.

The sad part is that it reminds how things are kept under ignorance by the Kerala authorities. How much will it take to paint it and keep it clean? 

The one factor of Bangalore-Kerala journey remained the same. The pit-stop at Saravana Bhavan hotel. We didn't want to miss it for any reason. So we took a break...

The ultimate combination as far as I am concerned for breakfast. Fresh crispy vada + Ghee roasted pongal + signature sambar + Freshly grinded coconut chutney. Happiness!

The energy booster. After a 6+ hours of drive, this coffee does the magic

Ani's favorite Ghee Roast + Sides

Mummy's Favorite Masala Dosa + Sides. I tried to click the masala mix inside :)

Ani is never happy with her first order. So came the second one. The pyramid ghee roast + sides. 

I never ignore a good restaurant nor forget to appreciate. Long live!

On the way, Ani noticed a palm fruit seller. Her grandma loves it. And she wanted to get some for her. So a pit-stop which is not in the script.

Showcased to lure in the customers. And Ani fell in it.

Practice makes a person perfect. He prepares the order in seconds.

I don't like this anyway. But Ani tasted it and said it was yummy. 

A special trip for us and for all our dear ones.

All Moments Are To Savour

Oh yes! Busy days going on. Busy at office, busy at home, busy with traveling. However, all these comes packed with tons of joy and happiness. The tiredness is getting over by being with the dear ones.

18 February 2014

Wedding Bells

4 days in Kerala, for my cousins wedding. Had a wonderful time with the dear ones.

26 August 2013

That's Why I Call It, My Home

The view with a visual treat
10 days went just like that. Every morning had its specialty waiting for me and Ani.

Hanging garden by my mom :)

Hanging garden in rain

19 August 2013

The Monsoon Trail

Journey to home town after 4 months. When we went last time, the climate was so humid. But this time, my Kerala was a real heaven. 

These pics were taken near to Coimbatore. The western ghats just started coming out from the fog filled sky.

21 April 2013

Exhibition Memories

Thrissur Pooram is a famous festival in Kerala. Those who are new to this name can refer to this LINK

I still have the colorful memories about the Pooram. In my childhood days, going to the town was like visiting another country. And so pooram days were much anticipated moments then.

The specialty for me, was not the pooram part, but the exhibition, which comes up as a part of this festive season.

It was fun to walk around the exhibition, enjoying the different shops and the crowd around.

Now that hunger has gone away. Not a kid anymore but I felt bits and pieces of it in this visit.

But saw a lot of kids with that heart which I have gone through. I was looking at their faces and I could find my childhood days reflecting on them.

Food, ice creams, juice, is always a grand festive season for the kids in town.

That is the entrance and it changes every year :)

So much of people on the way. Everyone was looking around and moving to the next counter.

They told it was Hyderabad pearls. Whatever, it was looking beautiful.

Saving trees in a beautiful way.

Aladdin's magic carpet

Magic with the vegetables. He's taking rest after a veg carving marathon.

Again pearls...

Minting money on obesity. Its an ongoing trend around the world.

He was the silent superstar. His products made enough water in my mouth.

He was busy packing his products. He looked so serious when I clicked his work.

In that 35 degree temperature with more than enough humidity, chilled mango juice tasted like divine honey drops...

I did not really understand what these hangings were, but loved the bulb in between the unknowns...

The Ferris wheel behind the woods...

The coconut water. The all time summer hero.

Ready to get fried. Chillies getting ready to get transformed to wonderful bajjis...

Short way to the oil pan...

For the 4 'o' clock tea...

The creator of Sugar Cane juice...

It goes on and on and on...

They painted the water tanks with the water color... :)

Not in Allappey, entrance to the Kerala tourism office

He requested for a click and posed well...

This person asked for the click and posed busy selling when I clicked :)

Elephants for cheap price available at the store...

20 December 2012

Enchanting Kerala

Kerala, never been a major subject in my blog yet. But this time, let me try to capture certain moments from Kerala. Lush green vegetation, country side road trip, cycling on the shore of backwaters...Plate full of plans.

My camera is charged and ready to open its lens to the beauty around...

All set to start a Christmas vacation journey to my home town. Ani is all set for the navigator role, as usual. And our Dzire is all set to clock 10,000 kms in 4 months.

Most of the Bangalore based Kearla people will be familiar with the route map below, as driving would be the best option than battling to book the tickets or night bus journey.

It says 8hr 18mins to reach the destination. For me it will take 10hrs for sure. There are some crazy guys who can reach there in 6hrs