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30 April 2014

Birthday & The Barbecue Evening

Fresh charcoal is ready
Thanks to Jesner and Ancy for presenting me yet another beautiful evening. I am soo late to create this post. Got caught up in some critical works. But I decided to air this today itself.

And yes, it was a grilling evening, and Ancy's birthday celebration.

Jesner was ready with the grill when I reached at their place yesterday. The grilling a was kind of tutorial for me. Learned the aerodynamics of grilling (Didn't get the aerodynamics part? It is all about utilizing the air around to make the coal burn better & the chicken to taste awesome. Never mind, I know, the topic is complicated as it spells.)

He instructed while I performed the grill setup. Yipee, I learned to setup a barbecue kitchen now.

A wonderful evening. A cute patio with couple of chairs, chips, creamy cashews and soda.  Ancy was busy preparing dinner inside, and came occasionally to the patio, in-order to make sure we aren't burning the chicken and delivered professional suggestions :)

Jesner and I was discussing various topics, while the chicken was getting grilled. 

After an hour and a half of grilling, we ate that chicken mercilessly with pulav and ancy's signature green salad. Finger licking good.

Let's go through some of the main clicks of that day.

Filled the fresh black charcoal in the holder and burned it from the bottom to get started.

After few minutes, the smoke started emerging from the charcoal holder.

Then the smoke began to gush out like thick clouds escaping up into the sky. Means that the charcoal and the fire is having some serious conversation now.

After few minutes the smoke started settling down. Means, the coal is on fire and no more smoking :)

The charcoal on fire. To start the grilling, the color of the charcoal should turn to ash.

Charcoal is ready to cook.

Jesner placed the chicken on the grill. Well marinated from the morning, the chicken smelled good!

Half way through the grilling. Few more minutes for the chicken to get cooked properly.

Tada, let's eat it. Proud for the first personal grilling. Thanks Jesner for your tutorial and walk through :)

Isn't the chicken looking yummy!

The tools which helped us to prepare our dinner.

That was yummy and yummy to the heart.

Followed by Ancy's birthday celebration. The shot through the leaves on the flower vase. 

A different evening with a different experience with a wonderful family...