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21 April 2014

Oliver & His First Easter

Meet Oliver.

I spotted him at a park while on a trail, being photographed by his parents. Requested their permission for a click and they agreed to it. 

He's enjoying his first Easter today. Cute isn't he?

A Moroccan Experience

When Jesner & Ancy suggested Kasbah Grill, I was speculative about the place and the kind of food. As their taste is similar to mine, I knew that it won't be a flop. But Kasbah blew my expectations away. 

The mint tea was the first suggestion from Jesner and I loved it. I know how to make it now and am going to try it at home.

The food was excellent. I never had that much big lamb leg piece in my life. Hand size, juicy meat loaf, was a real treat for my taste buds.

The ambiance was unique, with Moroccan antiques all over the place and the music which takes you for a Moroccan tour.  

Wonderful place and a must visit.