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29 April 2015

Thunder, Lightning & Little Bit Of Rain

Bangalore is chilling these days. It was getting hotter last week then the rain blessed the place. Evenings are great now. That look of the sky when it is about to rain, I love that.

To beat the traffic and to reach office in less than 15 minutes, I travel on scooter these days. However not a good option while it rains. It's not that I don't like to drive in the rain, but by the time I reach home, the dirt paints my cloths and my face, which I hate.

So decided to switch between the car and the bike, based on the weather predictions. However, that didn't work. It doesn't rain when I take the car and when on Scooter, it rains :)

Once reach back home, Ikey will be eagerly waiting for my arrival. He greets with a great smile and then we give mom some rest.

The best thing what we love is to watch the rain from the balcony. That cool wind and the little touch of water on our face, we enjoy that. Even though Ikey doesn't know about the rain and other stuffs, I often educate him on it.

It is raining outside now and I can hear the thunder. I am going to have a wonderful sleep today. Sleep + voice of the rain - a very great combination. I hope that am not the only one out there, who enjoys it.