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23 December 2012

The Cherai Beach

Cherai beach - It is a place of wonderful college memories.

I remember, during college days, visiting this place with my college friends, at 2 in the morning.  In four bikes we travelled from CUSAT campus, and rested on the newly constructed foot path, listening to the voice of the waves. Luckily, the patrolling police did not find us. Other wise we would have been caught for suspicious gathering. Thank God. 

I used to share these college days stories with Ani and she wanted to visit this place. In-fact,  I never taken her to Cochin before. 

We went for the morning service to Corner Stone church, Vytilla. After the service we went to Marin Drive Cochin. Had an ice cream from a shop there and we strolled for sometime through the walkway. Old memories came into my mind like a soft breeze. I shared some with Ani and laughed over those incidents. It was a wonderful moment.

Our next destination was +Seematti Silks. It was one of the places we had in our travel plan. Spent some time in shopping there and started off to Mattanchery and then we realized that our plan will not workout due to heavy traffic. And it's pathetic than Bangalore. Cochi changed a lot.

We shifted our directions to cherai beach then.

Cherai area was flooded with people than we expected. There was some inauguration ceremony going to happen and whole are was occupied by tourists and police. Vehicles were heavily clogged that we couldn't take the main road back home and we were forced to take the Munambam route. But that became a blessing route for us. 

The route was awesome. As we moved on we could find calm and quite place where we could get down and click a couple of snaps.

In between the pine trees
Ani's Hand. A Macro Shot
Munambam has various home stays. For foreigners, that would be a heaven, to indulge in the local culture and delicacies. And few kilometers down the bridge, we could see Chinese fishing nets ready for action. And the view of docked fishing boats were a real visual treat for the eyes.

It is around 5 and half years since I visited Cochin. It has changed a lot, but the memories remains the same...