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26 February 2016

Not That Spicy After All

I like to explore the cuisines, new food at new places. However I can't let go the Kerala spice combination after all. What dinner without some rice.

European cuisine isn't that spicy. It's all sweet. If it is spicy, sweet exist with the spiciness. Not a combination that I like to enjoy.

Searched for a Kerala hotel around, couldn't find one at all. Which made me to go a level up for the search for 'Indian Restaurant'. That was a good option to get started. Indian cuisine is famous. However, majority of the Indian restaurants align to the European taste rules, which makes the traditional Indian curries sweet. 

So when I had the chance to start cooking, I thought of treating my taste buds with some real Indian spiciness. 

My cooking pattern is rather simple. Onion, ginger garlic, chilli, coriander, turmeric and garam masala. Sauté for sometime and mix anything with it to get the base curry to satisfy the hunger. And with some rice, I will be the happiest person around :)

When travelled to Nottingham, my friend took me to a Kerala hotel. Cochin Fort. The Kozhikodan biriyani I had from that place was one of the best I had in London. Yum!

And he is one person who likes to cook and don't like the shortcuts in cooking. He uses all the spice combinations required for a specific curry. His kitchen is filled with spices. The real crazy chef friend I have seen after a long time.

Ani knows that I like to cook, but she hates the kitchen after am done with the cooking. One area that I have to really improve, if I really want to cook in Ani's kitchen :)

There is so much fun in cooking. Can't ignore that fact.

15 May 2014

American Kerala Kitchen

Right after the Sunday church, I badly wanted to have Kerala food. Typed in 'Kerala' in the GPS and based on the Yelp user rating, which is the highest, I traced Kerala Kitchen in a 'Gas Station'. 

Was I surprised by the location? Nope. This is the second best restaurant I spotted in a Gas Station in Texas. Big building - never a mandate for a great restaurant. That's my take.

William's chettan welcomed me with a smile and we shared some Kerala memories while I the food was getting ready behind the scene.

Clockwise (Kerala Plate, Kerala Beef Fry, Pulippan Moru Curry, Kerala Style Mulakitta Neymeen Curry)

Clockwise (Thani Nadan Kerala Papad, Smiling Kerala Kitchens Williams Chettan, Nadan Avial, Nadan Beans Thoran)

I had a Kerala Plate, which is kind of a Thali, with Fish Curry and Beef fry as the specials. It came with a 'load' of rice, but I ended up eating double the quantity. 

William's chettante kannu thalli poyi kaanum. I loved the food and showed no mercy at all :)

Saw a lot of Keralites getting food in bulk from Kerala Kitchen. A touch of Kerala at Carrolton. 

21 April 2014

A Moroccan Experience

When Jesner & Ancy suggested Kasbah Grill, I was speculative about the place and the kind of food. As their taste is similar to mine, I knew that it won't be a flop. But Kasbah blew my expectations away. 

The mint tea was the first suggestion from Jesner and I loved it. I know how to make it now and am going to try it at home.

The food was excellent. I never had that much big lamb leg piece in my life. Hand size, juicy meat loaf, was a real treat for my taste buds.

The ambiance was unique, with Moroccan antiques all over the place and the music which takes you for a Moroccan tour.  

Wonderful place and a must visit.

29 March 2014

Arby's - A Shelter For Sometime

On a walk around the country side, I found this restaurant and went in for a quick bite. A nice juicy fish sandwich and a big size frappuccino. I couldn't even finish it though :)   

To be frank, it was terribly cold outside and wanted to be in a warm place for sometime. My hands were really numb by the time I got in Arby's. 

Thought how to handle the situation for sometime. I didn't buy the gloves as someone gave me the information that I will sweat in Texas. Come on, 8 degree Celsius in the afternoon, where is my sweat, duh.

I have to go out to reach the hotel. hmmm

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