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15 May 2014

American Kerala Kitchen

Right after the Sunday church, I badly wanted to have Kerala food. Typed in 'Kerala' in the GPS and based on the Yelp user rating, which is the highest, I traced Kerala Kitchen in a 'Gas Station'. 

Was I surprised by the location? Nope. This is the second best restaurant I spotted in a Gas Station in Texas. Big building - never a mandate for a great restaurant. That's my take.

William's chettan welcomed me with a smile and we shared some Kerala memories while I the food was getting ready behind the scene.

Clockwise (Kerala Plate, Kerala Beef Fry, Pulippan Moru Curry, Kerala Style Mulakitta Neymeen Curry)

Clockwise (Thani Nadan Kerala Papad, Smiling Kerala Kitchens Williams Chettan, Nadan Avial, Nadan Beans Thoran)

I had a Kerala Plate, which is kind of a Thali, with Fish Curry and Beef fry as the specials. It came with a 'load' of rice, but I ended up eating double the quantity. 

William's chettante kannu thalli poyi kaanum. I loved the food and showed no mercy at all :)

Saw a lot of Keralites getting food in bulk from Kerala Kitchen. A touch of Kerala at Carrolton. 

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