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30 November 2014

The Oasis On Lake Travis

One of the largest restaurant in the world with a seating capacity of 2800 people. The biggest restaurant in Texas situated in 500 acres of land. 

When Paul mentioned about this place, I didn't have the doubt of visiting this place. That was the first destination I visited in Houston. 

But this restaurant had a bad fate in 2005 when it was devastated by fire. The OASIS remained open during the two years that followed, using only the remaining outdoor entertainment venue and served food out of a trailer. 

When I reached the restaurant it was already crowded by the people. Everyone was requesting for a seat facing the Lake Travis. I too requested the same :)

It was almost the lunch time. Thought of having the lunch from this fantastic place. 

This was the view from my seat while flipping through the menu. I am a big fan of budget travel and it took sometime to find an item which matched my budget :)

Finally after 15 minutes or so, finalized Chipotle Baby Back Ribs. Slow smoked ribs and sweet potato fries - that was a yummy treat.

Lunch wasn't the only thing which I enjoyed at that moment. The clean fresh breeze and the water race that was happening in the lake. What a view that was.

This is not the picture that I clicked. But I wanted to show how the restaurant looked from a birds eye view.

Must recommended place to visit in Houston. Leave your senses and indulge in the beauty of the nature.

04 September 2014

Rocky Mountains - Part One

Rocky Mountains - The very first place to visit in Colorado. Ani helped to make a list of places to visit. And she had it emailed before I landed at the airport. I just had to sort the list as per the distance. That was easy!

Supposed to be a 2.5 hours journey, took almost 4 hours to reach due to a mountain tunnel construction. But it wasn't a disappointment. Colorado is beautiful at all the nook and corner. Drive through the highway was the best. I could see the clouds at the distance, covering the tall mountains for miles. 

The Rocky Mountains, commonly known as the Rockies, are a major mountain range in western North America. The Rocky Mountains stretch more than 3,000 miles (4,830 km) from the northernmost part of British Columbia, in western Canada, to New Mexico, in the southwestern United States. Within the North American Cordillera, the Rockies are somewhat distinct from the Pacific Coast Ranges and the Cascade Range and Sierra Nevada which all lie farther to the west.

These mountains are famous for it's scenic beauty. I was amazed at the wonder of that place. Clicked few pictures, and all were fantastic. Not because of my skills, but the place was simple awesome :)

The Rockies have very different seasons. In the winter there is deep snow, high winds, and sudden blizzards are common. At night it can get to -35 degree F or below! In the spring there is unpredictable weather. It could be wet or dry, cold or warm. In the summer there are sunny mornings, afternoon thunderstorms and clear nights. In the fall there are cool, crisp days, wind and decreasing precipitation.

This place is a highly protected area. Well guarded and taken care of its beauty, I didn't even realize the time slipping by. Spent almost 4 hours at this place, getting down at various scenic view points and enjoyed the cool breeze from the mountains...

Noticed the white line on the mountain. That's the way I took to reach the summit. No railings or guard on the edge of the road. Just me, God and heaven :) I am sure that my heart beat was at its top while climbing up the mountain.

A small mistake can kick me to the dense woods beneath...

I was a pure visitor at this place, but people visit the Rockies for many recreational activities like hiking, hunting, camping, skiing and lots of other sports.

Met a group of bikers climbed up the hills as a part of their weekend routine. The locals who cant miss this place at all...Such a beauty these mountains present for all who seek for it.

12 August 2014

Pistol, Rifle & Shot Guns: Never Seen Those Before

Guns - I have only seen those in the movies. And now I could try out the pistols, shot guns, rifles...Wow that was an experience of the life time.

The skeet clays ready for the game.

Setting up the skeet shooter machine

Age doesn't defy the skills. He is still sharp

Like my dream house...

A walk around the backyard revealed some interesting sights

Setting up the targets...

That's a 2kg gun :)

Never seen the real bullets before. 

Training session on safety and holding

Why is the gun not working. Switch off the safety.

Scared to pull the trigger for sure

All the shots gathered at one place. Brian said it was a good attempt. Proud of my self :)

Guns everywhere like toys. But they were so serious in handling. 

Loading the shells

He is sharp still

Guns and Grass

The shotgun shell 

Pressed Penny Souvenir

While getting out from the Cabela's on the last day of the Arkansas visit, Brian suggested for this sovenier. Pressed Penny from a pressing machine. Placed one penny into the machine and got a deer image impressed penny out. An oval shaped, shining memento.

Berry Plucking Fun

This reminded me about my grand mother, who loved to cultivate all the necessary vegetables for the daily use, in the backyard. Occasionally, I joined her with my brothers for the plucking help and we enjoyed it. 

Since she left us, all those things are gone. And I really miss that now.

So the blue berry plucking that we did on a Saturday, I enjoyed it with all my heart. That was a pretty good harvest though. And those tasted the best. Brought back some to Texas and mixed with Blue Bell Signature Vanilla ice cream and ate it all in a day. That was really yummy!

Carla wanted me to prepare Indian Style Chicken Curry. And when I asked for loads of garlic and ginger, she went to the backyard and took those out from the soil. That was a quick shopping :)

31 July 2014

Evening Grill

Grilling is fun and I never enjoyed this back in India, which I would start for sure. At the end of the day, especially being with the dear and near ones, it is always a party time. And everyone loved the idea of grilling. And we did.

Big chunk of meat loafs, ready to get cooked. As Ani said, the first thing I am going to do back in India - Cholesterol and sugar check :)

The cute Moley, getting some rest after tiring game with the kids

I was wondering at the raw meat turning to juicy steak with Texas Ranch seasoning.

Prawns to decorate the steak

That smells smokey BBQ prawns

Baked potatoes

And some fruits

Baked cauliflower

The final, juicy, well done steak...Yum Yum!

30 July 2014

Polymer Clay Creations

Ani loves crafting and creative hobby. And being with her for three years, I too gained some interest in that area. We did some pot decorations with plaster of paris and must say that it was fantastic. But when I saw Carla's polymer clay creations, I told Ani that we have to take the hobby to a next level.

It was fun to see the creations which Carla made. The coasters, little cute monsters, pig heads, spoons, cutleries etc...All usable ones for daily home use. Thats fun + productive.