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18 January 2015

Second Highest Bridge In The World

It was another busy day searching for a destination to visit. Spend an hour and planned 3 places to visit. Royal Gorge was the first one in the sequence. 

The main reason to visit this place? This bridge was the highest bridge in the WORLD till 2001, when it's position was replaced by the Liuguanghe Bridge in China.

I was amazed at this creation for all through the journey. A construction masterpiece by itself. Unlike the bridge in China, this isn't made of concrete, but with big chunks of metal, all over the place.

And can you believe the fact that this bridge was built in just six months. That was an amazing fact for me.

The sad part - in June 2013, the areas was destroyed by a severe wild fire. Almost the entire park and the facilities were burned to flames. Only the bridge stood the ground. 

The entire place looked deserted due to this event. Hope they will rebuild the old glorious day of this park.