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29 April 2016

We Love Kerala Food

Even though we like to explore the international cuisines, there is an extent that we can live on it.

Afterwards, the taste buds craves for our homely food. If that is not available, then at least some spicy (with no trace of sweetness in it) Indian food.

Ani mentioned the other day about badly having a Kerala sadya. She said, cost is the secondary part when she searched for Kerala sadya around the city. Even if it is costly, she wont mind paying to enjoy it, once in two months. But the fact is that, it is not even available to pay for it :)

Thats a true fact indeed. Sometimes you wont mind to tire yourself out for getting the good regional food.

While I was in Texas, traced the fact that the nearest Kerala restaurant is located in a gas station, 45 miles away from the place where I stayed. But I drove there every weekend just to grab the lunch with Kerala rice, beef fry, thoran, sambar and papad. No joke :)

This pics are related to somewhat similar kind of situation.

The Continuous Realisation - We CAN'T live without the Kerala food. Period!

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