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04 October 2016

Glasgow to Stirling: Station And Around

Reached the station around 8:15. The next train to Stirling was at 8:32, the one to Aberdeen. Rushed into the train as the platform is displayed, as I wanted the window seat.

After settling down, wanted to listen to some worship songs. Did buy a Bluetooth headset a month back, but couldn’t use it as I was going through tough times with my ears. God’s grace, when I got healed, I really wanted to listen and learn more worship songs. 

It was beautiful to listen to the songs and travel in the train. It really blended with the outside view of Scotland. When the song mentions about the blessings, love and grace, what more to experience than the agape love of my God? Marvelous.

That was quite a spectacular journey. It was not about Stirling, but it’s about the peace that was in my mind that mattered then. Experience for a life time.

The Stirling station was not at all crowded. I felt like visiting Ooty. Cold and welcoming. You will want to breathe in the fresh air that snuggled the place.

If Ani is not with me, it is sure that I am not planned. If I am not planned, I am confused and will start looking around for help or information centre. Fortunately, there was a map just outside the train station. It was a simple and straight forward map. Stirling is a small town and the paths to the main locations were obvious. That helped.

After getting out from the station, I wanted to have a tea. And there was a small local shop right in front of the station. I hurried to grab a tea and breakfast.

One thing I have noticed about these local shops is that, the people in will be so happy and welcoming. They will greet you and ask you about the day and what you up to. It’s pretty fun to spend time with them.

The town had a mix of traditional and modern buildings all around. To the left side of the station is the city centre and a huge mall. Majority of the people were at this place. To the right, it’s the old town. More old buildings and pathways. That was my interest and I took the right turn.

Beautifully crafted buildings and surroundings. Clean and tidy, you will not want to miss a glance about anything about this place.

I was clicking the pics all around and didn’t want to miss any special thing that I found around.

The sun was sneaking through the clouds and that little bit of warmth with the fantastic old weather was a real soothing factor.

After exploring the area for sometime, I started climbing up, towards the Stirling Castle, which was the number one item (and the only one) in my list.

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