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06 October 2016

Glasgow to Stirling: The Old Town

I did really missed Ani while walking up the hill towards the castle. Exploring things together is always something that we love. Before my marriage, I loved to travel alone. But not anymore. 

I was thinking about them all the time and gave occasional calls to Ani. I think she got fed up with my call and said - "You please explore. Bye". She was busy spending time with her family. It is always good to know that our dear ones are happy. At the end of the day that's what we are all trying for.

I was passing through the old town of Stirling. People aren't still around. It was a weekend and everyone might be enjoying some early morning sleep or having a peaceful breakfast.

The first shop that I found on the way up was this OLD TOWN COFFEE HOUSE. Looked so blended with the atmosphere. The name definitely is.

So many buildings on the way. This is the Stirling highland hotel. So old architecture and beautiful building. This is what I wanted too. That feeling of travelling back to the history, always makes me excited.

Time has passed by. The sun is out. Despite the expected rainy day, the light shined up on me. That was a good sign. The day was beautiful, so beautiful that everyone was talking about it. It became bit warm and comfortable towards the afternoon.

On the way I saw the The Church of the Holy Rude. An medieval church in Scotland. I didn't plan to visit, but thought of just walking around and getting back to the castle route.

That was a good decision. There was a sight seeing area behind the church, which looked over the Stirling town. It was beautiful.

The houses looked like match boxes. The hill looked like covered with a green blanket. The thick clouds drifting across the horizons and becoming invisible - marvellous sights it was. Spent 30 minutes sipping the tea and enjoying the view. The cool breeze was hitting my face gently. It was so fresh.

More ancient homes on the way. You will never get tired of the sights along the way. Each ones are different and something special about it. Simple, but looked beautiful. I wanted to photograph everything around the area.

Then it looked like the castle path. Stone cobbled pathways were so perfect. The cars rolling over it created some old sound. It was soothing to hear. I knelt down and touched the stones, it was so cold. The sun couldn't make them comfortable yet.

It is definitely autumn coming around. The trees are changing their colors to welcome the wonderful season. Every season is wonderful, but autumn is particularly special for me.

Hotel next to the castle. Nice isn't it.

I could see the cars getting into the castle. Now we got some people around finally.

Scotland is full of castles and each one is different. Each one varies in its size and purpose, but carries a unique characteristics and speciality. That is why the name castles never get a boring node from me. It is just wonderful to visit them all :)

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