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28 September 2014

Red Rocks Park Amphitheatre

I heard a lot about this place from my colleague, couple of weeks before the Colorado trip. I didn't know much about this place then. 

Once the trekking through the Red Rock Mountain Park trail was over, I sat for sometime to read about the amphitheater. Learned this research and preparation from Ani. She collects all the information about the place to visit much ahead of the trip that we could really understand the significance of the place we were in.

The best part I loved about this amphitheater - no one built it. It is a naturally formed venue, a perfect architecture for an amphitheater. You can enjoy the concerts, enjoying the music and staring at the star studded night and mystical natural ambiance embracing your heart and mind. One step closer to heaven is what I can say about that feeling.

The entrance of the amphitheater. There wasn't much visitors around when I reached this place. There was preparations going on for a concert that night. Logistics teams were busy ferrying the equipments to this place.

Towards the amphitheater is the visitor center. Past to this is where the back row of the theater begins. Its like a slope towards the stage.

The gathering area outside the theater.

And I am viewing a natural marvel. The best amphitheater in the world. Goosebumps!

The venue getting ready for a big concert of the evening.

A concert at Red Rock Amphitheater

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