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03 September 2015

What Is All About This Dog? Greyfriars Bobby

There was so much crowd around due to the Fringe Festival. A complete vibrant feel all around. Suggestion for visiting the old town came up which made to take a route away from the main festival premises. 

This is when I noticed a crowd ahead trying to click photos around a statue. Kids were rushing for a chance to get the click next to it.

I recollected a similar picture while going through the other day as a homework for the journey and was glad to see one famous spot in Edinburgh. In-fact, Greyfriars Bobby is famous around the world.

For those who haven't heard about Greyfriars Bobby, this is a glimpse of it. 

The incident happened in 1850 when John Gray and his family migrated to Edinburgh. As he couldn't find the job he wanted, he took the job of a night watchman.

Might be that he was feeling lonely he bought a watchdog named Bobby. Bobby was his companion all through his life since then. 

When John died in 1858 and was buried Greyfriars Kirkyard (which is closed to where I stood while clicking the above pictures), Bobby refused to leave the grave. People tried the level best to keep him out of the place, which didn't happen. He was a loyal partner. in 1872 Bobby died being a loyal companion to his master.

I am not a dog lover, but this story moved me anyway. It is a story of impressive relationship between two living beings.

This coffee shop with the hero's name was attracting lots of crowds.

Enjoyed being around this place for sometime and helped couple of people with their photos. And moved on to the next destination.

31 August 2015

The Journey to Edinburgh

One of the best way to travel in UK are the trains. The initial fear of traveling alone, which holds me back for a week at a new terrain was kicked out with this first journey. Now I am almost hopping in and out of the trains to travel in and around Glasgow. 

It is an hour of travel from Glasgow to Edinburgh. Got into a train with a return ticket that costed 13 pounds and enjoyed the changing landscape through the windows till I reached the Edinburgh Waverley Station.

The stations are architecturally amazing with the structures, columns and glass panes and roofs. 

Easy access from the heart of the city

We can enjoy the beauty of the city from inside the station. 


Art is almost everywhere. This has some meaning. I will never get it :)

So clean and tidy. Operated by a private firm, the standards are never compromised.

Airport styled status boards. Efficient way to find out the next train with ease. No confusions.

Back at the Queens Street station Glasgow.

29 August 2015

Why To Visit Edinburgh?

To be frank, I didn't see 90% of Glasgow yet. But Edinburgh travel happened due to couple of reasons.

First, Glasgow is a fashion center. The city and the crowd is not something that I enjoy in my travel. I like the places which are serene and ambient. Edinburgh surely matches this like.

Second, the old charm city plus the castles and the narrow stone paved alleys which makes it a historically significant world heritage destination.

These two reasons were enough for me to hop on the Scotrail and an hour of travel slipped me to the beautiful terrain of Edinburgh. Awesome.

Few interesting facts about Edinburgh below:
  • Mons Meg: The Edinburgh castle has this super power canon which fired the canon balls weighing close to 200kg to almost 4km (Wow!) Just imagine the moment the canon is fired. That guy will be dead probably due to the sound waves around :)
  • Walking back from the castle I noticed a Greece architecture styled structure on the top of the hill. It was the The National Monument on Calton Hill, which is also called the Edinburgh’s Shame. Because this high profile construction got stalled due to fund issues. 
  • Nicolson's Cafe where JK Rowling penned Harry Potter which is owned by her brother in law. I had a pen and a paper with me too :P
  • Britannica Encyclopedia is born at Edinburgh
  • Edinburgh castle is seated on a dormant volcano. Oh yes, its dormant and that's why I could click a picture :)
  • Royal Mile the straight path from the castle to Holyroodhouse palace. I photographed the entire path throughout.
  • August is the time of Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the worlds BIGGEST art festival. Not much relevant for me anyway :)

The places visited in Edinburgh. 
  • Arthur's Seat
  • Edinburgh Castle
  • Edinburgh Old Town
  • National Museum of Scotland
  • Camera Obscura and Wold of Illusions
  • Calton Hill
  • Palace of Holyroodhouse
  • Royal Mile
  • Edinburgh New Town
  • Princess Street 
  • And a whole lot of walking up and down the beautiful streets.

The magnificent Edinburgh Castle. View from the street. 
This is what I could cover in a day. Pictures and posts to follow. 

Can't leave this post without saying that Edinburgh is a must visit place in Scotland.