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13 April 2013

Indian Aerospace History

A short visit to the HAL Aerospace Museum. Must say that I enjoyed the journey back to the history to the core. Have passed several times through this road, but never knew the museum existed. A search on TripAdvisor brought this up and decided to go for a visit.

The best part I enjoyed, the evolution of flight technology and the presence of several dignitaries who were behind the scenes of this great company.

I always love that feeling which surge inside while visiting a place, which makes that place special. Same happened this time too. Felt like I am a part of this great Indian Aerospace History.

Remarkable achievements from my country, which I never knew before. Outstanding personalities and engineering success, the real foundation for this strong democratic nation.

There are 60+ pictures in this post. To see more pics, click the Read More link below.

"Menon was a substantially more powerful and high-profile figure than his predecessors, and brought with him a degree of governmental, public, and international attention that India's military had not previously known. He upended the seniority system within the army, replacing it with a merit-based method of promotion, and extensively restructured much of India's military command system, eventually leading to the resignation of the Chief of the Army Staff, General K.S. Thimayya. Critics accused Menon of disregarding tradition in favor of personal caprice; Menon countered that he was seeking to improve the efficiency of the military."

TV Vareed who was recruited from Rolls Royce, England and was instrumental in starting the engine design bureau in HAL. The first indigenous turbojet engine design project was started by him.

A prototype HAL_Dhruv ALH (Advanced Light Helicopter)

DRDO Lakshya high performance reusable aerial target system.

HAL HJT-36 Sitara (IJT), intermediate jet trainer prototype.

HAL heritage center.

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