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10 January 2014

Ooty: Fern Hills Palace

"Deep within the blue forested hills of Nilgiris in Ooty, sits an english country manor, bought in 1873 by the young prince..."

And you will really feel that richness of the old dynasty, once you enter the place. Everything has a royal touch. Even the chairs in the garden, they look so royal :)

We decided to go for this destination because, we knew this place through some movies and really got fascinated by its beauty and architecture. The place came up in the research while we planned for the trip to Ooty and we really wanted to visit this place. 

To the garden for a walk, after finishing up with the lunch. Must say that the Biriyani was ROYAL.
I was disappointed when the management blocked us from clicking the pics around. Fortunately, as I explained them about my intention for the pics, they finally allowed to click the photos. Now I feel proud being a blogger...

A very special thanks to the property manager for the understanding and approval.

Each and every moment we spent there, we were in an entirely different world...

The backside garden view of the palace

An old building spotted in the palace premises, when we went for a walk.
A broader view of the palace from the garden.
Felt like in an another world.
Luxury at its best...
The front view of the palace resort
Extension of the palace resort restaurant where we decided to have the lunch. Why we chose? - The ambiance and privacy along with the stunning view to the garden.
Looked like the palace was opened for us alone. 
The wall of richness. And a pub which serves the royal drinks.
I couldn't find a piece of space without a royal touch. Completely covered and maintained.

Attached pub room for private discussions.
The walk way with the history depicted all over the place. Walking through the ways which the royals walked once :)
This will be a familiar location for the Keralites for sure
Naalukeetu type construction with a small garden in the midst.

Tiny cute garden

Tweeting the travel dots from the palace
Another view of the palace restaurant extension room.

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