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12 January 2014

Ooty: Udagamandalam Heritage Railway

The final click before we start and the continuation of a wonderful journey...
The next plan was to enjoy the journey on the World Heritage Niligiri Mountain Railway from Ooty to Coonoor. 19 kilometer stretch railway line covering 4 stations in between with a couple of tunnels and a looong bridge was a real stunning experience.

We reached an hour before the train arrival and though of exploring the station premises. The one thing which I noticed at first was that the railway station wasn't scary like the normal stations. It looked like a toy train railway and there was no fear of big trains that comes through.

I took my cam and began clicking almost everything in that place. Walked out of the station through the railway line, which took me to a place which looked like a play ground. I could see people playing cricket and the railway line passed right through it's center. 

There were a couple of houses alongside the track and people were leisurely chatting and laughing, enjoying a beautiful afternoon.

Few clicks from Udagamandalam railway station and near by below:

The iconic name display of the station and am right in front of it :)

I forced Ani to take one. The station was empty when we reached there. But suddenly started overflowing with the tourists. Everyone was eagerly looking forward for the train and a wonderful journey.
The railway crossing to the railway police station. 
Isn't the paths are cute and lovely?
The old track controlling system which is bit ahead of the station.
The railway line which is adjacent to the houses.
Nice and complicated design :)
And the line passes through the center of their play ground :) Never felt like a railway path, rather like a recreation area for the people around.
Felt the meaning of peace for a moment.
Shot from the other side of the station.

Ani was soo happy to see the hero. A cute tiny train. But one of the world famous heritage site.
Not a train, but a moving cubicle.
Before the train starts, let's click some pics....

Did all these crazy shots, but no one blocked us. 
Tried a lot to find a match with the normal trains :) Only the engine looks similar.
The old steam engine wasn't there this time. The only bit of a disappointment.

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