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29 November 2014

Let's Go Houston!

An awaited trip to the famous NASA home town. 

3 hours from Arlington, Houston had surprising stuffs for me in the shelf. The actual plan to visit NASA and Galveston island did happen, however the main highlight was the moments with Paul/Nancy and the meet up with Joel Osteen at the Lakewood Church (a cherishing moment indeed).

It was a long drive and I wanted that drive to be a special one. So took the muscle machine for the journey. 

It wasn't like a normal drive though. I enjoyed the outstanding power the car delivered during the entire stretch. Smooth and steady, piercing the air in the front, it took me to Houston in two and half hours. 

Once reached Houston, wanted a short break. Then took out the planner which Ani shared to go through the locations in the wonderful state.

The horse is full and ready to dash. Houston was less than 300 miles and used the rest for a small town trip before re-fueling.

More trip memories coming soon...

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