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26 January 2015

The Fun Parenting

Today is January 26th and while watching the Live Republic Parade in Doordarshan, with Ani, I was thinking about how our life got changed since Ikey came in to our life. 

Meanwhile, Ikey was enjoying his new gift from his Peppa, which arrived just then. That gave me sometime to ponder on some of the interesting facts, pertaining to him and us.

We both loved sleeping on weekends. Sleeping late nights on Friday's and getting up late by 11:00 AM in the morning. We enjoyed those moments. 

However, it isn't the same anymore. Our sleeping pattern's got changed. Now it is more disciplined. And we have to thank him for teaching us a tight scheduled life style.

A change in character is an obvious need when looking after a baby. While Ani improved with all the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, two of those gifts benefited me the most, which I had the least in my life.

I was telling Ani towards the coming of Ikey into this world - "I am not going to help you at the night time to take care of Ikey. I have to go to office and got work which are of high priority. I need proper sleep for my head to work just perfect. So don't expect me to get up in the middle of the night and help you."

And Ani said OK. 

However the things weren't the same as I thought. I realized the fact that that fatherhood factor inside me will not allow me to sleep, listening to all those sweet midnight music show happening around. So I began to get up, support Ani, help her with the diaper changing and all the other assistance required. 

That wasn't bad. I wasn't tired in the morning, not feeling any dizziness. It was just a myth and I lived with it for years. Man, I would have had a lot of productive time.

Nothing else matters these days for us, than watching him smiling while we spent time with him.

That is priceless.

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