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07 September 2015

More Pictures Along The Royal Mile

This post is a continuation of the Royal Mile walk post, which you can read by clicking this link. I have around 234 pictures taken on the one day trip to Edinburgh. So thought of sharing some more.

Music again. This gives life to the streets and the surroundings. A bagpiper sharing is talent with the rest of the world. This musician has the skill. I enjoyed it for sometime. In-fact Scottish music is something I enjoyed from television. So enjoying it live was a precious moment for me for sure.

People likes the food, drinks, the varieties - there are more restaurants in the city than the people. And all are different and adds their own flavor to what they offer.

The City Sightseeing red bus that you can see in almost all the cities in UK. I took the ride one day. My main aim was to take some videos from the open roof of the bus. And it was wonderful. Pay 13 pounds and hop on and off the bus at the designated stops. A very good way to enjoy the town in an organized manner.

The Scottish attire. The traditional Scottish uniform or formal. You can see this as a primary outfit for any events in Scotland.

More street performers. I always try to stop and watch (pay some money at times) to encourage this people. They are doing it to earn some bucks or at least a recognition. We can give both right? Just give it then.

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