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05 September 2015

Things To Know About The Royal Mile

Walking up the road towards the castle, you will end up at the junction which merges with the Royal Mile road. Royal Mile is the vein of Edinburgh old villages. You walk through the path and can witness the historical sweetness of Edinburgh. And trust me, I had a tough time to navigate through bustling crowds on the way. Most crowded location in Edinburgh for sure.

The path is precisely a mile in distance and connects the Edinburgh Castle and HolyRood palace. So as you can think, a mile becomes royal mile when it is constantly used by the royal family. Like anything else :)

When you walk along the path you can see connected tenements along the line. And narrow passages that runs to both the directions which was so interesting to watch. Like secret passages and without a map, you are lost for sure. The paths are paved with smooth stones and everything around radiated a royal touch and feel. 

Adding more colors to the place, apart from the usual structures the place was filled with performers and high volume of shopping events as a part of the Fringe Festival.

Lot of street performers as a part of the festival made people to take a moment to gaze at them. This act specially should be pretty tiring. They were still for hours. Appreciated.

There is no Scotland without music. And it is not just music. It is always the perfect one. I really wonder why these people are not coming on to the main stream yet. Highly skilled in what they do. I listened to them for almost 10 minutes. Their fingers created magical waves of sound which trembled the old rustic walls and added more taste to its existence.

I have mentioned about the architectural elegance about this place couple of times. Doesn't matter whether a house is big or small, all are treated with the same perfection for the look and feel. Beautiful homes near to the royal palace.

The above picture is not an entrance to the Harry Potter style school. It is a restaurant located on the right side of the Royal Mile when you walk towards the HolyRood palace, just out from the castle entrance. 

People walking along the Royal Mile. There are several attractions alongside. Including the authentic Scotland Whiskey tasting and food. Really an experience for a life time.

Ok. Give me a way people. I have to reach the other side in a minute :)

Royal eh? Oh yes. My eyes started paining trying to devour each and every details on the way. A real hungry traveler. How much ever you enjoy the entire place, you will still feel like going there again and connect the dots. That might be an hallucination. Because the beauty is enjoyable for a life time.

A short video on The Royal Mile:

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