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28 November 2015

The Month Of Celebration, Happiness and Cakes

It is a couple of week now since I blogged. Been spending quality time with the family especially Ikey. Just wanted to make sure that he is taken care to the best from a father's end. I missed him a lot.

So what all happened since I reached Bangalore?

The main event was Ikey's First Birthday. The long awaited birthday ever in my life. We wanted to celebrate at its best. However, Ani was crazy about planning everything. I supported the way I could.

Then we went to Kerala, our hometown to celebrate his birthday with bit more extended crowd. One week in Kerala, he just enjoyed the whole trip.

The best part I always like being in Kerala - The rain. Out of nowhere, it rained one day. Ikey didn't see the rain this close before. And so he was surprised to see the sudden downpour.

Came back to Bangalore on a Saturday and it was my birthday. So we celebrated that too.

Then came our wedding anniversary yesterday. That summoned the celebrations for this month.

3 celebrations in a month. That's a lot of cake to eat.

Today Ani had her root canal at a dental clinic. So I dropped her at the place in the morning and went for a breakfast walk with Ikey. Loved the way we explored the place, the greenery and food.

Then spent time at home with Ani and Ikey. When they took a small nap break, thought of blogging and reading for sometime.

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